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Losing weight is a triumph! It’s something to celebrate. But with a drastic weight loss comes loose skin that needs to be tightened back up. Get your tight firm skin back with these skin tightening techniques after weight loss. The proper combination of diet, exercise and the right products will help you achieve toned skin after having lost some pounds.
When it comes to weight loss few things are more satisfying. The fact that you have maintained your healthy lifestyle and reached your goal is definitely worth celebrating. But before you reward yourself there is one thing you might have over looked, and that’s your skin. Is your skin loose from your drastic weight loss? If so try these effective skin tightening techniques after weight loss to tighten back up so your body can be in top condition.

Dieting For Tighter Skin

Skin toning techniques after weight loss would not be complete without diet. Avoid salt in your diet. Salt can cause water storage and puffiness. Over all salt can make your skin look saggy even if it’s not. Indulge in fresh fruits especially berries. Omega-3 rich foods like salmon can provide nutrients for extra skin elasticity.

Exercise To Tighten And Firm

Loose skin can easily be be avoided if you lose weight slowly instead of quick and drastically. Try using exercises to lose weight slowly so your skin has time to adjust naturally to your new, slimmer shape.

The best skin tightening techniques after weight loss is to do exercises that don’t put stress on your skin. A popular option is weight lifting. Weight lifting totally tightens and re-shapes your body. If you are interested in tightening your skin weight lifting is an option that can lift and firm up loose skin.

Products That Tighten And Firm Skin

If you are interested in firming your skin through creams and products don’t skip out on Deanol. Deanol is a collagen stimulator and it is a favored face firming ingredient. Find it in a quality face cream like LifeCell’s skin tightening cream. Each area of the body is different and needs different treatments as the skin on the face, neck and hands is more delicate than the skin in the rest of the body. For a body firming cream try Aveeno’s positively ageless firming body lotion.

Other Skin Tightening Techiniques You Can Try

Body Scrubs: Body scrubs and massages not only help you relax but they bring much needed blood flow to your skin. This blood flow promotes collagen production and this is necessary for firm skin.

Skin Care Habits: It is recommended to avoid chlorinated water such as a heavy chlorinated pool. Chlorine can damage the elasticity of your skin. Swimming is a great form of exercise but in order to keep your skin healthy and tight be sure to shower right after you take a dip in the pool and moisturize as well.

Possible Procedures:

If you are not content with these natural methods consider cosmetic procedures. Doctor Steven Wallach a Manhattan plastic surgeon suggests this: "Some lasers promote skin tightening. I have one and tell my patients that it can probably improve it by about 20-30% at most." Consider lasers to tighten skin. Lasers can work to firm and tighten the fibrous portion of your skin. It can provide subtle to dramatic results. Recovery time is lengthy and there are side effects to look into but in short it is an option to consider. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also a go to procedure for tightening and filling loose skin.

These skin tightening techniques after weight loss are sure to help you achieve the firm skin that you desire! Congratulations on your weight loss journey and enjoy these skin care techniques.

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