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Weight Loss Supplements Latest Weight Loss Supplements with scientific gradingToday’s weight loss market is full of medication that claims to have guaranteed results in reducing body fat – but are they really as effective as they claim to be? Increasingly more people are becoming aware of the very long and varied list of possible side effects that may occur upon administration. Nothing comes without a risk, you may say, but that’s not entirely true. Scientific studies have shown that certain substances have natural fat reducing properties and, therefore, can be used safely in comparison to some of the medication available on the market. These weight loss supplements are obtained using only natural ingredients, with proven medical results.

Here’s a list of the top weight loss supplements out there:


CLA comes from “Conjugated Linoleic Acid” and it is a popular dietary supplement, also used by athletes and fitness gurus who want to grow muscular mass. It is found in different foods such as meat, milk or soy milk. Although it has proven result in inhibiting cancer in mice, people use it mainly as a nutriment and more recently, as an over-the-counter weight loss supplement. Available in major health food stores, CLA should be consumed in recommended doses only. You are advised to stick to 3.4 g of CLA per day.

Whey protein

The whey protein is obtained from milk, more precisely from the milk whey, which is the liquid or serum that remains after the milk is strained. The liquid is mainly used in the process of making cheese, but its main ingredient has other productive uses. The whey protein is mainly used in the sport nutrition industry, due to its key role in helping the body gain muscular mass. Another less known effect of this protein is that it significantly lowers your appetite, helping you stay fit without any major effort. Some of the main benefits of the protein are:

  • Boosts insulin sensitivity
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Affects mood thus increasing serotonin levels


Chitosan is an ingredient that is particularly controversial due to its origins. It is extracted from chitin, which is a polymer found in nature, in the cell composition of some animal’s exoskeleton or shell. It is known to have a major role in reducing body fat absorption, although its effects are considered debatable. Used to treat high cholesterol, Chron’s disease, and obesity, Chitosan is additionally famous for its effects on people fighting insomnia and kidney failure.

Mango Seed Fiber

The ingredients of the African Mango tree are traditionally known for their healing properties, being extremely popular among natives. Studies have shown that this miraculous ingredient has other properties also – it reduces the level of cholesterol in the body and boost your metabolism. There have been numerous studies performed over the years on the effects of African Mango on people struggling to lose weight.

It looks like 150 mg of seed extract taken two times per day showed noteworthy improvements in body fat and body weight. Some other studies have proven than African mango supplementation can help people lose up to 10 pounds a month without intense lifestyle changes.


Glucomannan is a traditionally established miracle ingredient derived from the plant Konjac, originally from Asia. Natives consume it as day-to-day nourishment, cooking it in various ways. It acts by enhancing the absorption of water via the digestive system thus reducing cholesterol levels. Dr. Oz talked about the potential benefits of Glucomannan; he mentioned that it’s vital for people to take the supplement with increased amounts of water because it’s an extremely powerful fiber that might gum up one’s digestive system.


HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid is a substance exclusively found in some Asian plants and fruits. It is traditionally established as a natural medicine, being used mainly to treat digestive problems. It is currently available on the market, in the form of food and dietary supplements. Its most acclaimed effects include inhibiting fat absorption and adjusting the level of cholesterol, thus helping the body lose fat.

As you can see, there are weight-loss supplements available on the market that have proven to be efficient. Unlike some other shady Chinese capsules and tablets, the names we mentioned above are considered safe and efficient. They’ve all been tested, yet you are advised to consult with a nutritionist first and not take them at random without guidance.

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