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Pregnancy is one of the most significant stages in a woman’s life. It can be stressful as hell but it can be rewarding as heaven. During pregnancy, there are plenty of activities that a woman can do. One of the unusual activities that a woman can do is laser hair removal. Sleeping, eating, exercise and regular prenatal check-up are the common activities that a pregnant woman can do.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Laser hair removal is one of the medical procedures that uses light beam of removing hair. It has specific wavelengthdirectly to the skin that causes mechanical and thermal devastation to the hair follicles. This method of treatment may cause temporary or permanent blockage of the hair growth. Many studies have not yet proven on how long the blockage may happen and one of the controversies in the study is the effect of treatment to the fetus. Depending on the frequency of the treatment, it can be done several months to years to achieve the long lasting effect of the hair growth blockage. Periodic schedule of treatment is needed if the pregnant woman wants to maintain less hair in her body. She needs to contact first her healthcare provider to allow her to undergo the treatment. But proper caution is highly needed before she can undergo the treatment.

Important Reminders


Safety is the main concern for this treatment. Theeffectiveness of the treatment should take place within the therapeutic level time frame. The safety of the pregnant woman and her fetus should be the main focus.

Careful Thoughts

When a pregnant woman really wanted to undergo this treatment, she needs to consider contacting her healthcare provider in order to discuss the side effects and potential adverse effect of the treatment. She needs to have more knowledgeof the procedure because this kind of treatment is not easy as 1-2-3. A clearance from your obstetric-gynaecologist is essential before they proceed to the procedure. But they should always remember that different people could have different reaction to laser hair removal. The expected outcome differs from each person.

Other Procedures

Hair removal procedures are not only done using a laser. There are other procedures that can be the medium of the procedure. Some of these are:

  • Wax Hair Removal- a waxing cream is applied and use for this procedure. It is a painful procedure that may cause skin irritation, swollen skin and redness. To decrease irritating effects an antiseptic lotion is applied after the procedure.
  • Shaving Hair Removal- the easiest, the most relaxing and the cheapest way in removing a hair. After shaving, apply a moisturizer to avoid dryness of skin. A pregnant woman can also include her partner in parts difficult to reach by her.
  • Electrolysis Hair Removal- this kind of procedure should be done in caution since it uses radio waves that may affect the fetus. Healthcare provider should be notified if the pregnant wants to undergo this treatment.


            As I mentioned earlier, laser hair removal is one of the unusual things when it comes to this matter. Talking to your doctor before doing the procedure is the best thing you can do. Doctor-patient agreement is highly needed and should be given priority. This procedure may danger the fetus inside the womb of a pregnant woman. Also avoid areas that you want to shed off hair that is difficult to access anymore.


However a list of benefits is listed here for your easy reference and access:

  1. Can give you hairless skin that looks fresh and smooth
  2. Provide temporary or permanent effects depending on the person
  3. Give self-confidence to a pregnant woman
  4. Can boost esteem
  5. Give a relaxing feeling for the expected mothers.


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