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Img juice or eating vegetables 300x272 Juice Your Way To A Healthier, More Energetic YouValuable and essential micronutrients in food are destroyed by heat during cooking or food processing. If you are truly concerned about improving your nutritional level, you need to eliminate processed food from your diet and start eating only organic fruits and vegetables. Nearly every professional nutritionist recommends we consume 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Unfortunately, only a percentage of people actually do that.

Juicing is an easy and refreshing way to practically ensure that you will reach your daily recommended requirement of vegetable micronutrients. One of the simplest and most economical ways to boost your health and energy is to puree fresh vegetables and fruits in a juicer. As more and more people are becoming aware of health problems along with their solutions, juicing has easily become a nourishing alternative.

Juicing or eating vegetables – which?

Now, some may wonder why they have to go through all the process of peeling, chopping and pureeing when they can eat the fruit or vegetable straightaway. By drinking fresh juice, your body can easily and instantly absorb the fruit or vegetable’s vitamins and other nutritional content without passing through the digestive process that’s required for whole foods. The complete nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables are quickly absorbed by the intestinal walls and delivered into the bloodstream, so your body benefits from it right away.

Brain booster and mood enhancer

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables keeps you mentally alert. You don’t need a caffeine boost to kickstart your day; you need to make your own juice to help keep your mind sharp and focused. You can bid anxiety supplements goodbye because fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, celery, garlic, bok choy, and spinach increase brain function and improve emotional health. Fruits like apples, black currant, and raspberries make you feel good all over. Essentially, drinking juiced vegetables and fruits sharpens your mental faculties and balances your moods to give you an overall sense of well-being.

Feel youthful and energetic

If you want to maintain your youthful look and vitality, delaying the effects of aging is one of the blessings derived from juicing. When you drink freshly-juiced vegetables and fruits regularly, you are feeding your body with antioxidants and essential nutrients needed to give your hair, skin and nails that healthy radiance, and give you that extra boost of youthful energy. You’ll get even better results if your juicing routine is combined with a regular fitness program, plenty of water, and a balanced healthy diet.

Promote better digestive health

When you include juice in your diet, your chances of having digestive problems sharply drops. Vital fibers and enzymes in fresh fruits such as peaches, apples, plums, berries, as well as green leafy vegetables aid in improving and maintaining your digestive health and detoxifying your body. It’s more beneficial to juice often in a day than to eat five servings of vegetables and fruits daily.

If you are concerned about health problems like hypertension and diabetes, juicing may just be the best alternative to solve your problems. Juicing has numerous benefits, and since a diet that’s rich in fresh vegetables and fruits can ward off various illnesses, purchase a juicer and start traveling the path to a healthier lifestyle.

It is important for you to understand that vegetable juice contains very little protein and practically zero fat and, hence, not really a complete food by itself. It should be consumed as a part of your regular meals, not as a replacement. Unless you use it as part of a fasting or detoxification diet, you shouldn’t use juicing to replace a meal. For best results, juiced vegetables should be taken with regular meals or as a refreshing snack in between.

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