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There might be seemingly harmless products in your home that may be a source of hazardous chemicals and toxins. These toxic sources will lower your body’s immunity and could be the source of your constant allergies. Toxins are so much a part of homes today that babies are born with high levels of chemicals in their blood.

Let’s take a look at some surprising sources of hidden toxins in your home.

Your Soup Bowl

Serving your hot soup and other foods in plastic bowls made from melamine could result in the chemical leaking into your meal. Melamine ingestion increases the risk for developing kidney stones, kidney failure and cancer.

soup bowl Is Your Home Toxic? 4 Surprising Sources Of Hidden Toxins

Melamine bowls are popular among householders mostly because of the wide range of patterns and colors which are immediately appealing to kids. And while it is an FDA approved material for use in plastics, no one said anything about it getting into your food.

Protect yourself from the hidden dangers of melamine by not using them to hot food in the microwave. If you’re serving hot foods, like soup, stick to ceramic dishes.

Your Sofa

A lot of furniture manufacturers today use flame retardants on the furniture to reduce the risk of fire. The danger of this is that the chemicals used attract dust, which gets on our hands in into our bodies when we eat. The results of ingestion chemicals that act as a flame retardant are reproductive disorders, cancer and the possible disruption in endocrine functions.

sofa Is Your Home Toxic? 4 Surprising Sources Of Hidden Toxins

Reduce the effect of these chemicals by vacuuming your sofa using an air filter – to reduce your exposure. It also helps to wash your hands frequently, especially before you eat.

Your Lights

We don’t often think of light as being a toxin, but there has been a link between nighttime light and breast and prostate cancer. Light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin, which in turn disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and increases the risk of cancer.

light room Is Your Home Toxic? 4 Surprising Sources Of Hidden Toxins

Night workers have an increased risk for developing colon, lung, bladder, prostrate and pancreatic cancers. Protect yourself as much as possible by skipping the all-nighter and going to bed. Block light filtering into your bedroom from the neighboring homes by using shades or blackout curtains.

Your Shower Curtain And Wallpaper

We all like the benefits of flexible plastic when we use them around the home. They’re used to make shower curtains, vinyl blinds and wall paper. Amazing as these inventions can be, they contain phthalates, which give them the flexibility to make them functional.

Shower Curtain Is Your Home Toxic? 4 Surprising Sources Of Hidden Toxins

The danger is that these very chemicals have been linked to asthma and allergies and may also disrupt the endocrine system. Pregnant mothers increase their children’s risk of developing disruptive behaviors if the mother is exposed to these chemicals while pregnant.

To keep your family safe, replace PVC products with ceramic, metal, glass and wooden products where possible. Make sure that your plastic wraps and bags are made from polyethylene and avoid products where “fragrance” is listed as an ingredient because that fragrance might possibly contain phthalates. Air out plastic shower curtains to reduce the amount of air-born phthalates.

About Author : Maurice is a health and fitness trainer who often writes articles on topics related to detox diet and weight loss. She occasionally contributes resoureful articles to Wellbeingdoctor a blog focusing on health and beauty.
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