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Img healthiest city park 300x180 Improving Your Health In An Unhealthy CityWith San Francisco and other iconically granola locales always winning the prize for healthiest city, and most other urban areas in the U.S. falling short, it’s good to have a back up plan if your resources are limited.

Just about every grocery store in America has jumped on the organic bandwagon to keep up with the hormones and pesticides scares and media-promoted meat-free diets. And despite the hype, this makes it easy for everyone to eat well.

There are many major cities in America with access to raw foods, gourmet natural restaurants, and other spots, but some of the best foods are within everyone’s price range. Farmers’ markets are where culinary gurus buy their ingredients, and they tend to be cheaper than buying an imported organic pepper from Mexico at a regular grocery.

No matter where you live, organic foods will be there. If not, the powerful expanse of the internet can help. And as for a healthy lifestyle, you can incorporate movement and activity into your life without the redundancy and communal plastic of a gym setting. Local parks and neighborhood walks are much cheaper and equally beneficial.

Going Against the Grain: Digging For Health

Though many cities have their small pockets of health-consciousness, many regions are vastly overrun with an unhealthy lifestyle. Cities in the Southern U.S. are typically less concerned with health than the West Coast or New England, leaving a large percentage of our nation obese, diabetic, and inactive.

However, even the places which are famous for excessive drinking, smoking, and overall carelessness allow for a refreshing 20-mile bike ride through nearby nature preserves. In Las Vegas, some of the most enlivening bike paths in the country are right outside of the city, and the local farmers’ market sets up shop right on the Strip.

Texas may be one of the least healthy states in the nation, but Austin shines as one of the top five cities for healthy food, recreation, and level of activity. Even the deep-fried culinary roots of New Orleans offer an organic, gluten-free pizzeria and several bike shops.

Those who live in Florida, land of sun, sand, and fitness, can also see there are still ways to get lost in the American tradition of processed foods and laziness. While more people walk and bike in such warm, forgiving weather, it is a very health-challenged region nonetheless.

Conversely, mountain bike parks and hiking trails are strewn throughout the state to keep physical activity more interesting, and you will find that most major cities have access to skill-building, entertaining forms of recreation to inspire and keep you out of the doctor’s office. If you know what to look for, affordable, healthy living is hiding out even in the most expensive and least health-conscious places.

Staying Well in Your City

Never has there been a better time to buy quality foods and start using your environment to grow more healthy.

Why not beat the risks of diseases like cancer, hypertension, and high cholesterol before they become a threat? If you want to live longer and reduce your medical spending, it’s worth exploring how you can use your region to fit your needs.

  • Consider your local parks and your neighborhood as a tree-clad, free gym, running errands, commuting to work, and attending events on foot and on bike.
  • Rent a kayak or canoe and visit the nearest river, lake, or ocean for a fresh perspective on your city while exercising.
  • Frequent the farmers’ market, buying affordable, local produce and other foods.
  • Make your own meals from scratch with an emphasized use of plants and proteins.
  • Grow your own food, planting organic tomatoes, oranges, or any other fruits and veggies you use the most.
  • Walk or bike during your lunch break at work to boost your energy without a new cup of coffee.

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