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When you’re trying to change your eating habits to be a bit healthier, you may be stumped at what you can actually eat! There are many options out there but it may take a while to find out what you like and get creative with it. So rather than focus on what you can’t eat, let’s discuss ideas for foods you CAN eat; don’t forget to add your own spice of creativity to come up with foods you truly enjoy.
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Lots & Lots of Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and veggies should make up a large portion of your diet when trying to eat healthy. Starting out, you should try new produce often to see what you like and to diversify your food choices. You can also pair your fruits and veggies with other foods, like adding peanut butter to celery or apples. Because of the fat and protein content in peanut butter, it’s a great food to pair with your carbohydrates because it satisfies your hunger and helps you stay fuller longer. Or you may enjoy mixing your fruit with Greek Yogurt, which is great for you because of the high protein content and bacteria that helps with digestion. Or maybe just toss your veggies in with some rice or pasta with chicken for a quick meal.

Have You Thought of Nuts & Seeds?

Nuts and seeds have many health benefits and are a great snack. You can make your own mix with your favorite nuts and dried fruit, toss them into your salad, or sprinkle some on top of your oatmeal. However, try to stay away from heavily salted varieties and if you’re keeping a tight tally on calories, be aware that they contain a large amount of fat.

Think in Terms of Mini-Meals Rather Than Snacks

When you try to come up with snacks you should think of them more like mini-meals. Forget crackers and chips, which add few nutrients for a lot of calories; look for snacks that will fill you up while eating less. Foods that will do this will be nutrient dense and will be high in protein and fiber with a little fat for fullness and satiety. Left-overs make great mini-meals the next day! Some ideas are rice and veggies, bean and veggie burrito, tuna fish, a chicken sandwich, or pasta and veggies. Need something a little smaller? Hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and peanut butter on crackers are great easy snacks.

You’re options aren’t limited, you just have to expand your view and use a little creativity to come up with truly delicious meals that you’ll enjoy and will make you feel better.  Pair your healthy eating habits with at home exercise on the body solid leverage gym and you’ll be happier with the health to prove it.

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About the author: Randi Upshaw is a Certified Personal Trainer who loves health and fitness.  Like what she writes?  Then check out Home Gym Review.


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