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It’s rare to encounter low calorie breakfast ideas on days where you just want to eat a big batch of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup. You know you’ll wreck your current diet by taking in so many calories, though. You’re lacking in motivation. This is why you doubt yourself.

Ensure you stick to low calorie meals to start the day by following these tips. They’ll help you stay on the right track and enjoy a low calorie breakfast every morning.

Start Positively

We turn to unhealthy foods as comfort for a bad situation. Start out on a positive note and you’ll look forward to a low calorie breakfast. It doesn’t mean you have to loudly proclaim how happy you’re the only idiot in the neighbourhood to be up at 4:00am, but it does mean banishing any negative thoughts.

How you do this is up to you. Everyone is different. Try a number of techniques to see which works best.

Some of these ideas include:

  • Writing your positive thoughts in a journal.
  • Enjoying some yoga.
  • Going for a morning run.
  • Listening to self-help tapes.

Dress to Be the Best

The way we dress directly influences our motivation. If we dress in pyjamas we’re already in the mentality of lying on the sofa and mindlessly staring at the TV. Even if you don’t have to go to work yet, dress in something you wouldn’t mind being seen in public in. Workout clothes will do.

Now our mentality changes. Now we’re ready for the day and its challenges. This motivation will carry over to breakfast time. You shouldn’t have any problems motivating yourself to put the bacon away and opt for one of many healthy breakfast meals.

Work with Positive

Energy is contagious. If we hang around miserable people all day we’ll become miserable. It’s why people banging away on keyboards in a cubicle are usually one step away from hanging themselves.

Surround yourself with people who enjoy life. You can find this anywhere in your life. Look for them at the water cooler, in your spin class, or even whilst picking up the kids from school.

It’s this energy which will keep you motivated from the start of the day until the end of the day. Use it to stick to low calorie meals in the morning.

Get to Work

Start getting to work right now. If we look at a long list of tasks we have to complete, it can deter us from getting started. If we manage to get to work, the tasks disappear as we start to blaze through them. Sitting and thinking about something is the finest example of self-sabotage.

Complete something small. Collect the paper from the store or walk the dog. Just do something you can cross off your itinerary. With your positivity on a high, you shouldn’t have any problems getting together a low calorie breakfast.

Use these tips in conjunction with each other and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go well on some days. Developing a permanent state of positivity and motivation requires effort and dedication. You’ll get there eventually!

A guest post from Rachael Mclean who believes the key to motivation is fast initial results, vist her website for more tips, advice and motivation to lose weight fast, and don’t forget to drop by and say hi on Facebook

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