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Whether you’re pregnant or just keeping up with your overall health, finding a good OB/GYN is essential to your wellbeing as a woman and the most important member of a family unit as the mother, wife or significant other. These doctors are responsible for guiding you on your most intimate health issues, and it only makes sense that most women are rather choosy when it comes to picking one.

Finding a new OB/GYN doctor can be a difficult if not stressful process, but there are a few ways you can make this search easier and less stressful:

8458 OBGYN How To Find The Perfect OB/GYN

  • Ask yourself: How comfortable do you feel with him or her? – Obviously, your OB/GYN will be privy to very personal aspects of your anatomy and personal life, so it’s essential that you feel at ease, not just with respect to examinations but also with your ability to talk to them about sensitive issues. You should never feel the need to hide aspects of your life or lie to the doctor out of fear or embarrassment.
  • Interview them – It may seem awkward at first to turn the tables and be the one asking questions rather than being asked, but it’s well within your rights to inquire about the doctor’s experience, education, specialties, certifications, and any other relevant information. Most are more than happy to discuss these factors with you, and it can give you insight into their approach to medicine and expertise.
  • Ask your friends and family – A tried and true approach for everything from recipes to restaurants, asking your friends and family is a great way to find a new doctor providing  their  recommendations are based on the important criteria of experience, education, training and concern first even if you don’t end up going with the same physician, you may end up finding a different doctor at the same practice.
  • Ask your general practitioner – Who better to ask about finding an OB/GYN than the person you trust with the other aspects of your health? Many GPs have ongoing relationships with other doctors in the area and may be able to point you in the direction of a reputable practice.
  • Look online – Internet stereotypes aside, the web can actually be a great place to get doctor reviews and ratings. Look on reputable websites and in local listings for reviews.

Finding a good OB/GYN doctor may be a difficult process, but by doing some research and thinking long and hard about what you value in a doctor, you can set yourself up for many happy, healthy years.

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About the author: Dr. Charles H. Bowers, Jr., M.D., FACOG, FACS is medical expert with over thirty years of experience, ranging from clinical practice to medical education. He currently works with a Ross Feller Casey, LLP‘s Medical Forensic Evaluations Department.


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