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Dip dyed hair is definitely a craze with a firm grip on the style world, dip dye your hair certainly looks like it’s going to be staying fashionable for some time to come. From the streets to Hollywood, everyone seems to be jumping to be a part of this hair craze and subtly changing their look rather than dying their hair completely.

889 dip dye your hair 191x300 How To Dip Dye Your HairWhether you want to make your hair look a little bit special, or don’t fancy jumping into the deep end by dying your whole head, dip dyed hair is simple to achieve and can even be done at home. Creating this look at home has never been so easy; all you need is a vibrant colour to contrast against your colour, such as red hair dye, and a tint brush.

If you have lighter hair or only want a subtle change then you are ready to go to step three below, however darker haired women who want the final colour to be quite bold will benefit more from using quality bleach on the ends beforehand. If unnatural looking colours are not your thing, then there are a number of women who pair dark hair with natural blonde and vice versa. The great thing about this style is that it is so flexible; you can go as extreme or subtle as you like.

Step 1 : How To Dip Dye Your Hair

This step is the easiest; simply prepare your area and have everything you need around you. Make sure you are covered with a towel or poncho because it’s depressing to stain your clothes with fluorescent coloured hair dyes.

How To Dip Dye Your Hair : Step 2

Section your hair and mark where you want to dip dye to start with a hairband, and then apply the bleach with your tinting brush. Depending on the look you want to create, you can apply it consistently straight, or you can fade out to where you want the dye to start. Once you have waited for as long as the instructions recommend, then rinse the ends gently with water and a tiny blob of shampoo.

Step 3

When your hair is dried, you can finally start the fun part… or if you are blonde or have lighter hair, you can cheat and start now. Using the hair band again as a marker for where you want to dye, apply the colour and wrap your hair in foil to help the colour develop.  You can speed the process by hair drying or you can use the opportunity to have a cup of tea whilst waiting for it to dry the old-fashioned way.898 la riche directions red hair dye 270x300 How To Dip Dye Your Hair

Step 4

Once hair is dry and you are happy with the shade you can rinse out your hair and then lightly condition it. If you want the colour stronger then you simply apply more dye until your pleased and then rinse it out.

If you wanted to go a little bolder then you could take a page out of Nicki Minaj’s book and dip dye your hair multiple colours. Instead of imitating her design of unarranged colours, it would be a lot easier on you if you started with the lightest colours at the top and worked your way down. Dark colours are easier to put on top of lighter colours, but not the other way around.

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About the author: Always looking for new ways to dye her hair as the celebs do, Laura Watson finds the growing trend of dip dye hair fascinating.


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