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Studies are showing that if you vary the speed and intensity of your exercise workouts in what is known as burst or interval training, you can increase the metabolism helping your body to burn fat very fast.

A person can get more out of exercise if he understands the distinction between burning glucose and burning fat. It is deemed as the key to accomplishing aerobic exercise since distinct intensities of exercise bring about various changes in biology across the body. The body comes with two natural paces of aerobics, hard and easy that rely on two different metabolisms of muscles determined highly by the fuel the body uses. In short, low-intensity exercise that includes light aerobic workouts burn fat as highly charged intensity on the other hand burn glucose in hard aerobic workout.

Today, people only go for optimum management of time and efficiency in just about all training programs. Among individuals who work out, goals are very different but in a weight reduction phase, increasing the burning of calories can be done through engaging in certain training regimens. As per some recent research, there are a number of postulated ways of burning body fat at the same time training with weights and engaging in Cardio performances.

Researchers have also indicated that increasing the amount of calories burned by around 50 percent while training through the use of weights by dropping periods of rests in between the sets to thirty seconds from the normal three minutes boosts metabolism. Other studies have indicated the body burns 35 percent extra calories after the end of a workout after you have trained through the use of supersets as compared to the normal sets of weight lifting.

In case you would like to cut the time while engaging in strength training, get a clock that shows seconds and reduce the time spent between the two sets to half a minute or simply engage in circuit training fitness workouts.

Cardio training should also be approached in a special way through going for half-minute short sprints rather than endurance Cardio. In case you engage in Cardio made up of endurance training of low impact or jogging for about half an hour for a full sixty minutes think about going for thirty seconds of high-intensity sprints. Research indicates that engaging in sprints of between six and half a minute around three times every seven days will burn twice the fat you burn in a jogging of about 30-60 minutes. The difference is very huge if effectively done.

Also, you can burn extra fat during a workout by increasing the resistance training intensity. Those with a great baseline level of fitness can try to incorporate lots of intense exercises. With high intensity workouts, the demand of metabolism by the body needs a lot of energy. At the same time, high intensity workout training provides a better metabolic burn once one has done some exercise. High intensity training consumes lots of oxygen, which continues for a number of hours, rather than half an hour to forty-five minutes of low intensity training.

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