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Looking to build a home gym in the New Year to improve your fitness and evade gym membership fees? Check out our guide below to ensure you have a practical and enjoyable setup that will allow you to get a great workout whenever you like.

The shell

Think about a traditional gym when setting up your space: you want hard flooring so the machines stand properly, a basic colour such as white or cream on the walls, and potentially some mirrors so you can monitor your technique.

You might also want to consider a wall-mounted TV and a speaker system Bose is renowned for its high-quality kit so that you keep yourself motivated and entertained even during the toughest workouts.

High-end equipment

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you will need to invest in a couple of professional machines to ensure you can really get your heart pumping. To keep costs as low as possible, shop with Gym Company, which offers a Best Price Guarantee and free UK delivery on most home gym equipment.

The treadmill is at the heart of any gym: make sure you invest in a high-end, motorised machine with a good elevation range. That way, you can use it for interval, speed and endurance training; aerobic and fat-burning workouts; and for muscle toning exercises.

Inexpensive essentials

You can get professional weight machines, but you will save a lot of space and money by simply investing in a barbell and dumbbell set. Ensure you get the techniques right and avoid injury and learn a host of new exercises for working out every muscle group with Weight Training For Dummies, available at Amazon.

A gym ball is also a cheap piece of kit that can work wonders for your health, fitness and physique. You might also want to purchase a yoga mat for stretching, and to make sit-ups and other floor exercises more comfortable.

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