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Want another reason to quit smoking? You are probably well aware of the damaging effects that smoking causes to your physical health. From yellow teeth, to the likes of lung cancer and heart disease, the list is endless. But what you don’t know is that smoking could not only damage your body, but your brain too.

Smoking Can Damage How Smoking Can Damage Your Brain As Well As Your Body

Fading Away

Ever found your memory seriously faltering, at something as simple as a crossword? No, don’t blame it on old age… Your nicotine addiction may just be the cause of it! When scientific research was undertaken through tests on over 8,000 people over 50, it became clear that smoking can damage your memory. It was found that smokers continued to do worse on these memory tests than those who didn’t share the habit. Even something as easy as animal names was more of a struggle for smokers to remember. So perhaps your fading memory will make you think twice before you puff away on your next cigarette.

Personal Experience

My Grandmother has just quit smoking, due to the health problems it caused her. She had been smoking for decades before deciding to quit, and whilst it damaged her physical health, never before had I considered it to impact her memory. But perhaps I should have noticed when she started addressing me by other family member names. ?It’s a sad day when you have to say to your own Gran: “No, I’m Mikhaila, not Penny…or Debbie… or Jessica!” It’s a good thing she quit, I suppose!

The Spectre of Alzheimer’s

Not only can smoking make your forget day-today matters, but it can also be a serious contribution to long-term memory loss. Dr Simon Riley, from Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “Research has repeatedly linked smoking and high blood pressure to a greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia, and this study adds further weight to this evidence.”

Whilst cognitive decline involves the inability to learn new things and to understand information, dementia causes very severe memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia, meaning you could forget something as simple as an appointment to something as serious as a family member. Your weakened memory will gradually get worse and worse. ?There is no cure for the disease, and whilst it eventually leads to death, you’d be doing yourself a big favour by reducing the risk.

A Gambler’s Game

Of course you know that smoking away on twenty a day is a gambler’s game. You’re risking your wellbeing, your physical state, and your life. But you do it anyway. It’s a repetitive cycle.

Cigarettes were once advertised as healthy. No, it’s no joke. They have previously been labelled as “mild” and “calming”. They were regarded as empowering and good for you. Even doctors were used to promote the stuff! Oh, the irony! But will your deteriorating memory make you stop? I hope so.

Whilst people are finally aware of the physical backlash, most people aren’t aware that smoking damages your brain. Your addiction to cigarettes will increase the risk of memory loss, from simple, day-to-day matters, to the likes of Alzheimer’s. So now you know. But will you continue puffing away, or will you take the plunge and quit smoking for good?

Have you had – or know anyone who’s had – experiences such as those mentioned above? Share in the comments.

About Author : Mikhaila Friel is an enthusiastic blogger who enjoys writing about life in general, particularly health-related topics.
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  1. mary marthinsen says:

    good interesting article and very true. I too smoked for a great many years and suffer now from the consequences to my body and mind. I wonder if the young people of today who smoke think ” oh I won’t be old for a long time so it won’t affect me ” well, it will and the longer you smoke the harder it becomes to quit.

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