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For most people, music is a big part of their lives that they can’t go a day without listening or playing a bit of it. But there are some who can easily go through their day without doing either.

These individuals might change their mind once they find out the health benefits they can get from music. Many studies have proven the positive effects of playing music and many people have been experiencing these for themselves. We all know music produces positive vibes but did you know music can also significantly affect various areas of a person’s health?

Among the many health benefits attributed to music are:

Reduces Stress

Playing music has been said to lessen anxiety and reduce stress. Studies conducted in people with cancer by the Cochrane Collaboration showed that the participants who were involved in playing music observed their anxiety levels reduced and their moods improved.

Another study also showed that playing music helped people overcome stress. The act of playing music became their way of expressing their emotions and helped them deal with their personal issues.

People who learned how to play music in a class were also exposed to other factors that helped reduce stress. They had a chance to interact with a teacher and with other students and this contributed to the improvement of their social life. When they learned how to play an instrument like bass guitars or electronic drums, they could participate in recitals, plays and have a chance to perform in front of families and friends. This boosted their confidence and gave them a sense of accomplishment.

Increased Cognitive Function

Learning how to play music can aid in brain stimulation and can increase a person’s cognitive function. Learning to play any type of music instrument can activate various parts of the brain and can even do as much as change the brain’s structure. This positive effect can result to the improvement of memory, sound processing and manual dexterity.

Other studies showed that learning music contributed to better memory recall in kids. And it showed that the more musical training one had during their childhood, the better the development of their memory skills. So instead of just letting kids lay around the house during the summertime, it’s beneficial to let them participate in engaging music school holiday programs. There are many summer programs that teach kids how to play music instruments then allow them to be involved in music events initiated by the school. They will not only enjoy their school break, they can also gain health benefits from it.

Music doesn’t only affect youngsters though. This increased cognitive function impacts anybody regardless of age. This can also be observed in people as old as 65 years old who learn how to play a new instrument.

Protect Mental Sharpness

According to a 2011 study by the University of Kansas Medical Centre, musical training can also protect the mental sharpness of an individual. The study shows that people who experienced some sort of musical training showed the best mental sharpness later in life. As learning how to play music increased a person’s cognitive function, this became a good exercise that allowed them to adapt better to mental challenges usually confronting people with age.

Enhances Respiratory System

Breathing exercises are part of learning to play music, especially if you are using wind instruments. This practice can enhance a person’s respiratory system. Through these breathing exercises, a person’s breath control, and most importantly a person’s lung capacity is improved.

Music enthusiasts have long felt the positive effects music has brought to their lives. Now various studies have truly proven the positive effects of listening to music, and moreover of playing music. What you think as just a medium that can help a person go through his day, can actually help a person throughout his life.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright enjoys a multi-hyphenated identity. She is an online marketing specialist, writer, cat lover, and aspiring cupcake critic. Wright’s articles about music draws on her passion for learning and dedication to share her discoveries to others. Get updated on what she’s discovering now @debrawrites

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