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Do you regularly do to the gym, do aerobics, run, ride a bike like crazy, but the unwanted fat seems not to diminish? This problem could have a simple solution. Simply said, everything depends on your heart rate. What is it? Heart rate indicates the number of beats of the heart in one minute. An important term is “maximum heart rate” (MHR), we can get it by calculating: MHR = 220 – age.

How does this number help us to lose weight? It’s based on the ratio between our current heart rate and our MHR. The best results are achieved, when our heart rate is at 55-65% of our MHR. So, if you really want to lose weight effectively through exercise, start with these numbers. In practice, this means that slower and looser types of aerobic exercise are more appropriate than “quick” aerobic, jogging or cycling.

If our heart rate climbs above 70% of our MHR, our body starts to increase its physical fitness and strength, but it’s not effective for weight loss.

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