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Get ready for a summer of festivals, fun and, of course, fashion with the latest beauty trends to hit the catwalks. With a plethora of rich shadows and bold eyeliner flicks, this season’s eye make up is set to make a bold statement, whether you plan to hit the beach or just your back garden.

60s Siren

848 bold eyebrows 191x300 Hot Summer 2013 Eye Make Up TrendsThe designers showcased the best of the swinging sixties with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel unleashing the models with dark heavy brows, graphic liner and pale lips. Marc Jacobs used dark shadow in the crease of the eye with clumpy mascara for a grown-up grungey take on the classic Edie Sedgwick style. Finished with bold eyebrows and nude lipstick, this look was all about the eyes. To perfect this style this summer, keep skin looking flawless with a smooth base and use a soft nude lipstick to ensure the focus is all on your eyes.


834 eye browlines 213x300 Hot Summer 2013 Eye Make Up TrendsChanel brought a futuristic twist to the catwalks for Spring/Summer with lids and browlines painted with heavy silver shadow. Finished with a soft kohl cat-eye liner flick, this style offers a modern, edgy twist on the classic sixties styles. This look would be perfect for summer festivals to party the night away. Remember to invest in a reliable shadow primer to prevent your shadow from creasing. For a daytime-friendly version, choose a softer glitter shadow rather than a dense cream which can provide a more subtle finish.

Lustrous Lashes

Moschino used long feathery lashes to frame the eyes for a feminine, versatile summer style. Moschino used top and bottom false lashes to achieve this look but for a more subtle version, try just applying to the upper lash line. As this is a more subtle style than the heavy silver shadow of Chanel, you can afford to have fun with your lip colour. Moschino got playful with a bright coral gloss for a tropical take on a 60s classic.

Blue Azure

Blue clothing and makeup has held a prominent position on the catwalks this season and the designers showed just how it can be used for beautiful, striking eye make up. Michael Kors offered a ‘floating line’ of bold liner in the crease of the eyes in a bold blue. This look was finished with just a flutter of mascara to define upper lashes. Try this look on the beach this summer for a tropical style worthy of any exotic destination. For a softer evening look, try blending with azure shadows up to the browline. Keep remaining makeup minimal to draw all the focus to your eyes.

This seasons makeup is all about making a beauty statement so be brave this summer and step out as a sixties siren or a futuristic goddess.

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