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8232465548 under eye wrinkles 300x288 Home Remedies For Wrinkles Under The EyeThe muscles around your eyes are put to work every time you squint or blink. This frequent use of muscles is what leads to wrinkle formation. The skin of a habitual smoker, someone who is heavily exposed to the sun, will wrinkle faster. You can avail of many home remedies for keeping your wrinkles under control.

Egg White makes skin tight

Remove the white portion of the egg from the yolk and beat it, till it forms a reasonably thick paste. With a cotton ball, gently apply this paste to the area surrounding your eye. After the paste has dried, slowly remove it with warm water. Doing this daily will make a noticeable reduction in your wrinkles.

Grape ‘therapy’

Take a piece of cold grape, cut it into half, and gently rub it under your eye. When the cold effect reaches deep inside the skin, the blood vessels will constrict themselves. After about 20 minutes, rinse the area. Instead of wiping your face with a towel, allow the skin to dry naturally. This is a proven wrinkle-fighting remedy.

Tape works for temporary effect

When you want to look ‘wrinkle-free’ the next morning for a couple of hours, this interim remedy is quite handy. With one hand, hold the skin below your eye extremely tight, and with your other hand smoothly place a piece of paper tape over your wrinkles. After leaving them on overnight, gently remove the tape next morning. This process will temporarily remove your wrinkles for some time.

Coconut Oil – natural moisturizer

Take some pure coconut oil on your fingers, and slowly rub it on your wrinkled area. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil will gradually reduce your wrinkles, and the results will begin to show in less than a week.

Rose Water remedy

Dip a cotton ball in pure rose water, and gently place them on the wrinkled skin area. The rejuvenating properties of rose water will act on your skin, considerably reducing the wrinkles over a period.

Tea is good for your wrinkles

Freeze a couple of moist tea bags and place them on the wrinkled area of your skin for about 20 minutes. Along with reducing your wrinkles over time, this therapy will also relax your eyes.

The Milk and Sugar combination

Warm some milk for a little while then mix some brown sugar in the milk, and stir vigorously. Once it cools down to a normal temperature, apply this mixture on the wrinkle lines on your skin. Along with minimising the wrinkles, this remedy will also clean the surface of your skin.

Ice cubes are cool

Take 2 ice cubes straight from the freeze and rotate them slowly on the wrinkled akin area. Doing this continuously will make your skin firm and reduce wrinkle formation. This remedy improves the blood circulation under the skin and makes it moist.

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About the author: Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for Orbity Eye Hospital, the laser eye hospital that operates in Mumbai. You can interact with Tauseef Hussain on twitter @usef4u


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