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Respiratory Illness

Img Oxygen Therapy Home Oxygen Concentrators For Safe And Economical Oxygen TherapyIf you are suffering from a respiratory illness, your physician will have prescribed oxygen for you. Traditionally, oxygen therapies could only be done in clinics and hospitals. Fortunately, home oxygen concentrators have replaced conventional oxygen tanks and offer you greater mobility. This latest development in oxygen therapy make it possible for you to enjoy some degree of normalcy.
Aside from mobility, there are many other advantages to using home oxygen concentrators compared to oxygen tanks. For one, unlike oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators do not get depleted of oxygen, so you no longer have to think about refilling schedules. Their mechanism allows for the device to suck in ambient air, filter out nitrogen, and store oxygen for a patient’s use. Secondly, oxygen concentrators are considered safer and more economical than oxygen tanks. You only have to purchase your device once, after all. And lastly, there are many portable oxygen concentrators available that make it possible for you to travel anywhere regardless of your oxygen needs. As wonderful as these devices are, oxygen concentrators has to be handled with certain precautions in mind to ensure safety.


It is important that you thoroughly read the user’s manual before using the machine. If there’s something that’s unclear, seek the help of a certified oxygen concentrator technician.


Oxygen is a key reactant in the process of combustion. That’s why you have to place your device in an area that’s at least 6 feet away from heat or an open flame. Likewise, no one should be allowed to smoke inside the room where the device is located. Cigarette smoking is a potential fire hazard in the presence of oxygen. Moreover, since oxygen concentrators are powered by electricity, exposed electrical wires may also pose another danger you have to look out for. A little spark may cause a fire with an oxygen source nearby, so you have to ensure that wires are properly placed and protected.


A home oxygen concentrator produces heat when it is used. To avoid an accumulation of heat, you have to place the device in a well-ventilated area where fresh air can easily dispel the heat.

Power Problems

Unlike lightweight oxygen concentrators, home devices can’t be powered by a battery. Thus, it’s best to have a portable device or some other sources as a back-up supply of oxygen in case of a power outage.
You have so many options when it comes to selecting a device that fits your oxygen requirements. Respironics oxygen concentrators, for example, are available as home or portable devices. Additionally, if your budget does not allow you to buy a brand-new machine, you always have the option of renting or buying used oxygen concentrators that work as good as new. Just make sure that the seller of the used device subjected it to rigorous refurbishing and testing, and the quality of the device is backed with a guarantee.
Home oxygen concentrators have truly revolutionized the way oxygen therapy is delivered. This innovation has made the lives of thousands of people with chronic breathing problems easier. It can make a difference in how you deal with your respiratory problem as well.

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Written by Jonathon Blocker. Jonathon Blocker has worked in the medical field for many years, therefore he is familiar with each process that occurs. Jon refers to Oxygen Concentrator Store to find further professional advice on related information. Add Jon on Google Plus.


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