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Are you constantly having to delay your workout program because the time just seems to fly and it’s always the end of the day before you even know it?

To overcome this problem, Barry A Franklin, a national spokesman for the American Heart Association’s Choose To Move program, suggested to WebMD: You can actually get as much benefit from daily activity as you can by going to a gym – and maybe more.?

So, worry no more and try out these following exercises. They all take up very little time and most can be performed as you get on with your day-to-day life too.


Take the stairs

If you always choose to jump in a lift to get from your company’s reception to the office, opt to take the stairs instead.

The change might result in you reaching your desk a few seconds later than what you’re used to, but the benefit is that you will be giving your legs a nice little workout before settling into your office chair every weekday morning.

Don’t park on the office doorstep

If you can, try and park your car around the corner from your workplace instead of right outside of the main entrance. That way, you will be able to burn off some calories with a brisk walk from your vehicle to your office the exercise will also be pleasant during the spring and summer months.

Take the bus to work instead? You can still benefit from an energetic stroll by opting to get off a stop or two before your allocated drop-off point.


Buy a treadmill

The great thing about a treadmill is that the machine can work a large number of muscles in your body in just a few minutes.

Best Gym Equipment has a comprehensive selection of treadmills available as part of their fitness equipment range, and a machine with built-in TV is great if you’re pushed for time: you will be able to catch up with your favourite shows or the news while you train.


Set the alarm earlier

If you feel as though you have no time to exercise at the end of the day, why not choose to perform your daily fitness regime at the crack of dawn instead?

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and use that extra time to go for a jog, perform some muscle workouts or get through a few reps of squats, sit-ups and push-ups.

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