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Looking for ways to expand your visibility and generate more incoming business? Online marketing might be your answer. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce yourself to potential clients or patients for the least amount of money. In business, just like in life, adaptation is key for survival. Oral surgeons rely heavily on building clientele strictly through referrals, but if you want your business to grow more quickly, building an online presence is the best solution. Here are some tools that can help with expanding your brand.


Twitter is an excellent way to engage with potential consumers. Building a respectable reputation is key for success in this field. Though, it is not always easy. Success on Twitter relies heavily on the content you’re producing. If your content is lacking, so will your following. The interesting part of Twitter is that it is entirely merit based. If people find your content likable, your brand will grow, if they don’t, it will stagnate. It is also a great tool for sharing. If you write a blog, press release, column or article, it can be shared through twitter with immediate success. Twitter is a tool that oral surgeons can use to interact with other doctors, current clientele, and prospective clients. In terms of social media, Twitter is going to be one of your best options in sharing marketable material at essentially no cost.



Facebook is another tool that, when used properly, can help your business continue thriving. The difference between Facebook and Twitter is that Facebook is much better at connecting with established clientele. Facebook won’t have the same ability of reach that Twitter has in terms of new business, but can strengthen your relationships with current clients. Your clients can help with potential referrals and help develop long term growth. The content you will want to share on Facebook will be links to relevant blogs and articles. You can also offer contest for discounts or tickets to the ballet or a local sporting event. The importance of Facebook is maintaining contact with your following.

facebook marketing Grading Online Marketing Strategies For Your Oral Surgery Clinic



Tumblr is a great tool for interaction. It is all about sharing content. The content that is shared doesn’t normally result in a following though, and so your efforts on Tumblr should be more in your content than your profile. Your content should include a lot about you specifically and not so much oral surgery in general. Tumblr reblogs are essentially and end to the means move. This meaning that your only goal for this social media outlet should be the spread of specific information and not so much the following that one might assume would come with it. Tumblr can be good for business growth but it is incredibly rare for something produced on Tumblr to go viral. Mainly the content on the site is just linking material from different sites. Of all of the social media outlets, this is the one you can spend the least amount of time worrying about.


Hopefully, taking advantage of one of these mediums will help increase your visibility and generate more business. For the money, it is the most efficient way to reach potential clients.

About Author : Dr. Barry D. Cunningham is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Austin Oral Surgery in Texas. He is enthusiastic about incorporating social media into the field of dentistry and loves sharing his experiences with others.
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