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It’s the day you always dreamed of: you, your own Mr Right, and your beautiful wedding dress – only you may find that as the big day is quickly approaching, you’re simply not feeling as slim as you would like to feel. However, fear not! We have compiled a few handy tips to help you on the countdown to your most beautiful bridal body.

12- 10 Months to go…

The venue is booked, the date is set and the realisation that your special day is only a year away is starting to set in. Like most brides, the idea of trying on a dress is hard to imagine if you are not at your ideal weight. This is a great time to make a start on your fitness and weight loss plans. Taking up a new sport, making positive changes to your diet like starting a low calorie diet plan from AAW or simply joining a gym will motivate you towards achieving that perfect bridal body. 

8- 6 Months to go…

 If you have been committed to your exercise and diet goals for the past few months, well done! Now you have surely set in stone some changes that will see you dropping those pounds in no time. This is the perfect time to show off your newfound weight loss confidence by trying on that elusive wedding dress. From fishtail and column dresses to vintage inspired dresses and princess gowns, make sure you try on each dress style so that you can see which dresses best suit your figure and your unique fashion sense. 

4 – 2 Months to go…

 Not long now – if you are still struggling to shift those stubborn remaining pounds, why not try mixing up your fitness regime by booking a few Boot Camp sessions. Inspired by military style workouts, Boot Camp is a celebrity favourite form of fitness and is sure to whip you right into bridal shape in no time. 

4 Weeks to go…

 The day is drawing ever closer, and between checking all of those last minute wedding details remember not to let the stress of planning a wedding get in the way of your slim and gorgeous bridal body. If you have a few extra pounds to shift, try reducing your carb intake with some meal replacement shakes while eating low carb meals such as salads with protein rich fish or chicken. Lowering your carb intake while drinking plenty of water will also help to beat the bloat on your big day!

1 Week to go…

 Take it easy this week on your fitness regime – no one wants achy muscles as they walk up the aisle. While you stick to your healthy eating remember to treat yourself on your achievements with a pre-wedding facial or massage – you are sure to look radiant, slim and happy on your special day!

Helen White specializes in writing articles about Fitness and diet tips and regularly contributes to a number of websites. 

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