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Summer’s here! Have fun getting fit!

The weather is getting warmer and it’s almost time to put on our bikinis. The pressure is on to get fit and get the summer body that we all crave. But who really wants to go to the busy, humid gym? If you have kids, you probably don’t even have time to go the gym. So why not try something different?

Dance is a great way to get fit, have fun and meet new friends so grab your dance tops and give it a go.

Now before you start thinking I can’t dance’ or I don’t have any training’, STOP! You’ve all heard of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake. New crazes are taking over. Dance is becoming more varied and it’s all about having fun. So why go to the gym and do the same tedious routines? Exercise your entire body and dance your cares away.

Zumba is the latest craze and if the feedback from friends and family is anything to go by then it is clear that it works out your entire body, and makes your sweat more than the gym ever could. It is a high energy workout with you being constantly on the move, and so it burns a ridiculous amount of calories per session. But the best thing about it? It doesn’t even feel like a workout. These feel like you’re at a beach party. The Latin music is blaring, people are wiggling and giggling. This is a great summer workout and Zumba is one of the most popular classes of the moment. It is great for mums and young professionals who want to let their hair down. Some of my girlfriends are now using dance classes as an alternative to going to the cinema. Instead they get together, head down to the local studio and boogie their evenings away. It is definitely worth a try as it really is so much fun.

If this doesn’t take your fancy, why not try one of the other styles? Street dance is very cool these days. After watching the Step Up films and seeing people like Diversity everyone is interested in this type of dance, even the kids. This is a good style to get them involved but it also open to everyone. Street dance is fairly casual so the attire involves dressing comfortably and all moves are broken down so people can work at their own pace. This is great for beginners and lots of fun.

If these are still failing to get you excited, then don’t worry dance has a lot more to offer. Ballet is great for toning your body and improving your core. The only reservation is that adult beginner classes can be hard to find since most ballet dancers start out young. Again though this is a great one for the kids.

Back to you grown ups though, Piloxing (a cross between Boxercise and Pilates) is a great workout. If you’re worried about the high energy involved in Zumba and want something slightly slower that involves toning, this is the one for you. The Boxercise element is the active part, doing hook and jab motions with your arms and squatting and marching with your lower body. This is energetic but it won’t tire you out at much as Zumba. The Pilates side of this workout is great for slowing things down, toning and strengthening your core. Although results are not as immediately visible as Zumba, the after feeling from this is amazing.

There are so many different styles of dance and classes are cheap and really easy to access. Dance means whatever your shape, whatever your ability, there really is something for everyone. Even the kids can get involved! If the kids have started moaning already about being bored and stuck inside; if its raining and they want to go out to play, why not enrol them in a local dance class? Mum and dad get an hour of peace and quiet and the children get an hour of exciting entertainment. There really is something for everyone.

Get involved and try something new this summer.

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