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 Five Tips To Help You Suppress Your HungerWhen we all get hungry it’s normal that we get annoyed and can’t function properly throughout our day to day activities. This tends to happen quite a lot, especially if you’re on a diet and you purposely do not eat.

By suppressing your appetite you alleviate this need for food and stay full for longer, which in turn keeps you happier and allows you to lose weight and still go about your ordinary day without any problems.

If your problem during weight loss is the craving for food, then here are some extra tips that you can take note so that you can reach your desired weight much more effectively. Please make sure you remember these points during your diet regime as it will assist you in reaching your ultimate goal of weight loss.

1. Drink more water.

Water and other liquids stay in the stomach much longer than solid foods. The effects of water are also instant. You can feel the water in your stomach right away and will mask any feeling of cravings or hunger. Drinking water before taking in any snack or meal will let you eat less. Besides all these points, water is good for you and it flushes your system.

2. Eat more of food that is high in fiber.

Oats, bananas, apples and other types of food that have high fiber content will extremely be very beneficial for you if you want to suppress your appetite. Fiber is good for your digestive system and for your health in general. Aside from that, like oats in particular, they stay in your stomach much longer, thus you won’t go hungry easily.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Img fruits and vegetables Five Tips To Help You Suppress Your Hunger

Fruits and vegetables are healthy and good for your body. That’s a fact that you cannot deny. Instead of going for your salty and sweet junk foods, use fruits and vegetables as an alternative, especially when your cravings for unhealthy food start to tempt you like crazy.

There was a study done by D.S Sartorelli from Brazil, which found out that an increase of 100 grams in fruit intake can be associated with a weight loss of 300 grams in a six-month duration. A 500 gram reduction in body weight can be achieved in the same amount of time by simply increasing your vegetable intake by 100 grams.

There are in fact, specific fruits and vegetables that can let you remain full for a longer period of time, like oranges, carrots, grapefruit, watermelon and bean sprouts. Fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content can also help.

4. Slow releasing carbohydrates.

Slow releasing carbohydrates such as oats and brown bread work well because they keep you full for longer as they’re complex in their nature meaning they take longer to break down in your stomach.

The added benefits are that carbohydrates (in moderation) are good for you as they help you stay full for longer. By adding some good fats such as an avocado spread on the bread with some turkey slices you will definitely be satisfied with your meal.

5. Avoid eating at night.

Eating at night brings out a problem due to the fact that your stomach doesn’t have time to break down food at night because you tend to relax by sitting on the computer or watching the T.V and are not as physically active as you normally would be throughout the day.

Avoid eating foods such as carbohydrates after 6.00 pm and big meals. If you need to satisfy your urges at night time have a handful of nuts and a glass of water. This should keep you satisfied until the morning when you have your breakfast.

By combining good foods with excellent diet techniques you will be able to eliminate your weight problems. Make sure you follow a strict diet in accordance to the tips given above and you’ll be on a way to a healthier, happier life.

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Author: The author is a weight loss enthusiast and fitness professional who strongly believes in Appetite Suppression Techniques. An expert in appetite suppressant supplements and techniques he posts diet and appetite tips on his website.


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