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An effective fitness plan needs consistency in the exercising in order to achieve maximum results. Your plan should have a gradual increase of intensity and duration of exercise. This will help improve your level of fitness and help with regularity of sleep and your diet. Over time, the same old exercises can get boring. You should look online for fitness videos that has the same fundamentals as your fitness plan, but gives you a little more variety in the exercises.

Why Use Fitness Videos?

Although most fitness plans have training geared toward a specific goal, it is okay to mix it up a little. Fitness videos are great for reducing boredom from the same routine, increasing your motivation and helping your achieve any type of goal.

What’s in a Fitness Plan?

Most fitness plans are made to reach special goals. They have a few components to them. For example, strength training is about muscle build while aerobic exercise is about cardio and fat burning. A typical fitness plan has a hard day of training followed by an easier day of training. This helps the muscle group’s recovery. The main components of a fitness plan are aerobic exercise, muscular strength and endurance conditioning, and flexibility exercises.

You can look for a fitness videos that has all of these or specialize in one exercise. The sky is the limit when it comes to fitness videos.

Aerobic Exercise and its Advantages

Aerobic Exercise is mainly used for gaining or maintaining a strong cardiovascular system and weight loss and management.

Weight bearing

Weight bearing exercises do not support your body. These exercises include any activity that will move large muscle groups in a continuous, rhythmic fashion over a period of time. A few examples of aerobic exercises are walking, jumping rope, jogging and dancing.

Non-Weight bearing

Non-weight bearing aerobic exercises are bicycling, stationary cycling, swimming and rowing. Most fitness videos focus weight bearing exercises. You rarely need any equipment to do them, and they are fun. Some fitness videos might incorporate the other or both types of workouts.

Build Up Your Muscles with Strength Conditioning

Strength conditioning

Strength conditioning uses free weights, machines and your own body weight to improve your muscular strength by gradually increasing your ability to resist force. This conditioning leads to power that helps you with sports. Your fitness plan will have strength training session that will impose increasingly greater resistance as a way to stimulate the development of your muscle strength. You need to start with a weight that you are comfortable with and gradually increase your repetitions. Once you have gotten to a high repetition, move on to a higher weight. Then, repeat. There are a few videos that use aerobic exercises with weights.

Muscular Conditioning

Muscular conditioning will improve your posture and strength. It also reduces the risk of low-back injury and helps increase muscle mass which leads to weight loss. That is why muscular conditioning is an important part of a weight-management program. You need to include exercises for all muscles. This includes the check, arms, back, stomach, hips and legs. There are specific fitness videos that will teach you how to condition specific muscle groups.

Stretch for Flexibility

Stretching is not only important for improving your flexibility. It is good for improving your performance and decreasing your chance of getting injured while exercising.

Proper stretching

Proper stretching consist of a 15 to 30 second hold on a mild stretch while you are breathing normally. All major muscle groups should be proper stretched. A proper stretch decreases the risk of injuries by helping the joints move more fluidly. The blood flow to the muscles are also increased. There are a lot of fitness videos specifically on stretching techniques. However, most strength conditioning and aerobic exercise videos have a stretching section.

Why should You Exercise?

Exercise is a preventative measure. It is effective against diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity related illnesses. Regular aerobic exercise will help lower bad cholestrol and fight off the development of certain forms of cancer. If you want to start a new fitness plan today, all you have to do is search online for a fitness video.

They are easy and simple introductions into the world of fitness. There is no need for a sudden lifestyle change. You just have to become active and decide that you want exercise in your life. If you are not sure where to start, consult your physician or another health professional to see what fitness program will fit you. In the meantime, watch a fitness video and activate your new fitness plan.

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This article was written by Marianne Tapers, who loves watching fitness videos for inspiration, and does her best to stay fit.

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