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Curly or straight? Short or long? Layered, blunt or with a fringe?

Most women generally make a big deal out of picking the right hair style for their face shape. They can spend hours poring over hairstyle magazines, buying hair straighteners or curlers, figuring out what shape their face is and trying to decide which hair style will make the biggest and best impact for them. What many of them don’t know is that they can achieve a whole new look by simply changing one little thing – their hair part.

What’s in a Part?

As small and insignificant as it may seem on your entire head of hair, your part can actually do wonders when it comes to achieving the right look for you. An appropriately placed hair part can highlight your positive facial features, and discreetly disguise not so flattering ones. A part is also one of the easiest yet most effective ways of changing your look.

Finding the perfect part can be tough especially if you weren’t born with it, but you’ll find yours soon enough after following these trusty tips:

  • Hair Styles For Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are those that appear prominent at the top, with wider cheeks and a hairline that appears to extend in the middle, creating heart-like curves on top of the forehead. For these faces, a middle part is often the best option, as it brings the hair to both sides of the face, making it appear slimmer. But this can have the opposite effect if the hair is cropped and layered, as these can focus on the widest parts of the face instead. In such cases, a side or off-center part would work better.

  • Hair Styles For Round and Square Faces
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Round and square-shaped faces can appear wide because of their shorter length, but a deep side part can remedy this. A deep side part can help slim down and soften a round or square face by featuring the length of the face on one side and covering some of its width on the other. To find which side is best for a side part, face a mirror and cover one side of your face with a blank piece of paper, and then switch to the other side. The side that you prefer should be the side most visible, and therefore have the part. When making the part, it’s best to start at the point right above the arch of your eyebrow.

  • Hair Styles For Long or Oval Faces

Long or oval faces can wear pretty much any part, but a side part can be a little more flattering since it breaks up length. When creating any new part, make sure to do it on wet hair so it stays and has an even volume.

GHD hair straighteners, GHD curling sprays, perms, crops and fringes – while these are all good additions to your hair style, there’s no need to have them every time you want to achieve a gorgeous new look. All you need is a good comb and the right know-how to put your part in the perfect place.

About the author: Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including hair styling in Sydney and other fields. Wright considers Sydney Salon Supplies as one of the leading stockist of GHDs in Australia.


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