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1. Stretching and warming up are not the same, even thogh many people beleive they are. Warming up is intended to prepare a person for the physical activity. Warming up should be done before stretching because stretching cold muscles can cause an injury.

2. Stretching is a particular form of exercise that includes range of motion in the joints, improved muscular coordination, reduced levels of muscle tension, enhances blood circulation in the body. Stretching should be focused on major muscles and joints.

3. Stretching should be bilateral where both sides of the body is stretched. Stretching exercises should be done slow and smooth because if not, it will produce counterproductive effects. If stretching is not done in a slow and smooth manner, then pressure is placed on the joints causing small muscles tears.

4. Tears in muscles can leave scar tissue as it begins the healing process. This will cause the muscle to tighten, be prone to pain and less flexible.

5. Exercising should not be painful at all. Only a slight degree of muscle soreness will be present for just a few days. Pain that is caused from stretching is a sign that a person has stretched too far. Stretch just enough to feel tension, not pain.

6. Stretching regimen should be modified because stretching a strained muscle or ligament can cause further problems. When muscles or joints are inflamed, injured or infected, then stretching should be avoided.

7. There are four ttypes of basic stretching techniques and they are exist-ballistic, dynamic, static and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. Ballistic stretching is often not recommended because it includes safety issues because of the bouncing involved. Dynamic stretching is used as a supplement to a person’e warm-up routine. Static and PNF stretching is used to increase range of motion or flexibility.

8. As a person ages, losss oof flexibility occurs. Flexibility training should be performed 2-3 days per week. Each stretch should last for about 30 seconds.

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