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1. Members of health and fitness clubs have more than doubled in the past two decades. Nearly 120 million people around the world are members of health and fitness clubs.

2. Health and fitness clubs are not free to members. Dues paid by club members average about $60 per month. In China, India and Japan, member dues are a little less costly. The most expensive health and fitness club dues are in Russia.

3. Women use to represent the majority of health and fitness club members, but now it is men. For the past ten years, there has been an increase in health and fitness club members who are age 55 and older. It is expected that the 55+ population will increase more in the future.

4. A direct correlation exists between education and club participation levels. More club members have either a college degree or a graduate level diploma.

5. There are quite a few health and fitness club members who have a positive perception about health and fitness clubs. Only a few have negative attitudes and those are the ones who usually resign their memberships.

6. Many health and fitness theories are based on psychological, emotional, social and environmental conditions. Not all people view exercise as a change for a better lifestyle, instead some think of exercise as a torture. Many health and fitness club instructors face major challenges in trying to encourage these people to have positive attitudes and outlooks.

7. Members who often resign their health and fitness club memberships often list the reasons for leaving as their exercise partner, the environment, fitness programs and staff issues or responsiveness.

8. The United States health and fitness market has declined by more than 50% in less than a decade. This has a lot to do with educational achievement and household income that are below the figure of $50,000.

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