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It is beyond doubt that addition of different herbs and spices makes your meals something extra to offer. Firstly, they enhance the flavor and make foods more delicious that is only possible by adding natural herbs and spices to your diet. Secondly, they provide a myriad of health benefits because they are rich in almost all types of nutrients, are antioxidants, and they have unbelievable medical properties. Among many benefits of herbs, some of these plants are also very useful for maintaining body in proper shape as they can help in weight loss.

cinnamon Exceptional Benefits Of Herbs And Spices In Terms Of Weight Loss

You can add following spices and herbs to your diet if you are on a weight loss campaign.

Ginseng has been associated with weight loss for long by experts. Ginseng can give a massive boost to low t levels that in turn enhance energy levels and stimulates metabolism. All these effects combine to help an obese to lose weight and ginseng improves insulin sensitivity as well.

This is an excellent spice for people suffering from diabetes or in pre-diabetes mode. Cinnamon can considerably reduce triglycerides, blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol, and overall cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetics. It further enhances the ability to regulate blood sugar by stimulating glucose metabolism by almost twenty times.

Black pepper:
A substance within black pepper called as piperine is responsible for giving pungent flavor to the meal and prevents the formation of new fat cells. In fact black pepper when used in conjunction with capsaicin, can burn as many calories as burned by walking for 20 minutes.

Cayenne pepper:
Capsaicin is the substance that imparts heating effect to all the peppers. This heating effect of cayenne pepper can help in reduction of calorie intake thus helps in fighting obesity. Furthermore, it lowers body fat level, helps in shrinking fat tissues, and most importantly stimulates changes of beneficial proteins within body to fight accumulation of fats.

Dandelions are very tasty to eat and slow down the process of digestion and resultantly you feel full for longer durations and therefore eat less. Moreover, dandelions are abounding in different nutrients and minerals like Vitamin K1 and help in controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol. In addition, dandelions can clean the liver and have antioxidant properties as well.

Turmeric is a common spice and has wonderful benefits for human health including naturally detoxing your body. Turmeric contains a substance commonly known as curcumin that prevents the buildup of fat tissues as they can suppress blood vessels necessary for formation of these tissues and contributes in reduction of weight. Curcumin can also help in curing other obesity related chronic disorders like hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and metabolic disorders alongside improving insulin resistance.

Mustard belongs to the cruciferous family of plants and the seed of mustard can stimulate the body metabolism by whooping 25%. As a result, you will burn more calories and according to expert 2-3 teaspoons of mustard seeds a day means you are burning around 45 extra calories an hour.

Cardamom is a thermogenic spice and is aromatic in nature having a spicy but sweet flavor. Again, cardamom can massively boost the metabolism of the body and subsequently burns excessive calories. Cardamom may also restore the low t levels to the required limit that also helps in losing weight.

Ginger is also one of the thermogenic herbs and has unbelievable anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, just like other thermogenic herbs, ginger increases the rate of metabolism in addition to soothing and relaxing digestive tract.

This spice has been in medical use since antiquity and is associated with improvement of glycemic control in type 2 diabetics. They are also exceptional for enhancing memory and provide great anti stress properties.

Concluding it can be said that above-mentioned spices alongside many others like cloves can really help you to lose weight if you are serious in attaining your goals.

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