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Eye colored contacts Everything You Need To Know About Colored Contact LensesHave you ever dreamed of having piercing blue eyes?  Perhaps you prefer to have a subtler color than the bold natural color you have now.  Colored contacts come in all different colors now to give you whatever look you want.  You can get colored prescription contact lenses or you can get plano lenses for events or even Halloween.  Learn how easy it can be to change your eye color.


Colored contacts enhance the color of the iris or mask it completely.  Colored contacts mimic the iris by creating colors with a pattern of dots and colored lines to make the ‘new’ iris look authentic.

Colored contacts come three different ways.  Opaque tint colored contact lenses change your eye color completely.  Should you have a dark iris color, opaque tinted lenses will be needed to mask the original color.

Enhancement tints make your natural eye color look more intense.  It is purely meant to define, enhance and add brilliance to your eyes.

Visibility tints do not affect your eye color but have a slight tint added to the lens to help you with putting them in and taking them out.

Light Eyes

If you have lightly colored eyes, consider using enhancing tinted lenses.  These lenses will bring out the color of your eyes by providing more clarity and definition to the edges of your iris.  If you are green eyed and want to switch to blue eyes, try using lenses that are gray or light blue.

Dark Eyes

If you have dark eyes, you should consider going the opaque route.  If you have brown eyes and want to change your look, try going with a hazel or light brown lens.  If you really want to wow people, cover your brown irises with deep blue opaque lenses and create a whole new look for yourself.

Something to Consider

Colored lenses will fit just like normal lenses.  Be aware though that the lenses may shift from blinking which will move the colored portion from where it needs to be.  This will distort the natural look.

You may also find that when you are coming in or out of bright light your pupils will grow or contract.  There may be circumstances where your pupils are bigger than the center of the lens where there is no color.  Your vision may be affected temporarily.

Colored lenses are perfectly safe.  Be sure that you are using prescribed lenses the right way.  If you are wearing plano (non-prescription) lenses, follow the wearing instructions provided.  Your optometrist will be able to help you with fitting and help you get that natural look.

You’ll need a prescription to get colored contact lenses in the US, even if you are getting planos.  Even though they are used for cosmetic purposes, planos are considered medical devices.  Be wary of colored contacted lenses that can be purchased at novelty stores.

Try Colored Contact Yourself

Surveys have found that most people would change their current eye color if they had the choice.  With colored contacts, that choice is now available.  Why not spice up your look with some eye catching colors?

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Written by Chelsea Smith. Chelsea Smith is a fashion and beauty writer.  Her favorite accessory right now is her colored contacts.  She can slip a cheap colored contact in her eye and instantly Chelsea’s appearance has been changed!


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