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An early sign of heart problems can be difficulty maintaining an erection, known as erectile dysfunction. You may be able to get treatment or preventive measures prior to any serious heart problems developing if you know the connection between the two.

img erectile dysfunction id 898 300x231 Erectile Dysfunction And Heart DiseaseThe buildup of plaque (artery hardening) in your body’s arteries is known as Atherosclerosis. The first arteries to get clogged are the smaller arteries like the ones in the penis. Erections become difficult because the penis’ blood flow is reduced by the plaque. Erectile dysfunction alerts you to check for atherosclerosis in other organs such as the heart. If atherosclerosis is present in the heart or any of the major arteries leading to or from the heart, preventive measures or treatments can be started right away. With atherosclerosis, you run a higher risk of developing an aneurysm, peripheral artery disease, and strokes.

Increased Risk among Men with Certain Factors by Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of risk factors shared by heart disease and erectile dysfunction other than the common disease process they share. The chances that erectile dysfunction is a sign of heart disease and atherosclerosis is increased by these risk factors:

  • Diabetes – restricted blood flow in men with diabetes puts them at high risk for heart disease, erectile dysfunction and other problems.
  • High Cholesterol – atherosclerosis can result from high levels of the bad cholesterol LDL (low-density lipoprotein)
  • Smoking – cigarettes increase the risk for atherosclerosis development. Ability to achieve an erection is directly affected.
  • Hypertension- artery lining is damaged and atherosclerosis is accelerated by high blood pressure.
  • History of heart disease in the family – a close relative had heart disease while they were young there is an increased chance that heart disease is linked to your erectile dysfunction.
  • Age- the chances of erectile dysfunction pointing to heart disease risk increases the younger that you are when you get it. There is a high risk among men below the age of fifty. As with men over the age of seventy, it is less likely that erectile dysfunction is a sign of heart disease.
  • Overweight –the risk for both erectile dysfunction because of atherosclerosis and other reasons increases in both those who are overweight and those who are obese.
  • Depression- evidence shows an increase in the chances of erectile dysfunction and heart problems is associated with depression.

Heart Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

There are some lifestyle changes including losing weight, changes to the diet and exercising that you can make if the doctor thinks that you are at risk for heart disease. These will help maintain heart health and improve your ability to achieve and maintain erections. There may be additional tests or treatments required if you have serious symptoms and signs of heart disease. Discuss options for treating erectile dysfunction with your physician if you have heart disease and erectile dysfunction because of the medications used to treat it. There are a number of medications that are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that are not safe if you take nitrates and certain other heart medications.

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