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The world can be a very tricky place to navigate for anyone. It can be even more challenging if a person has a disability of any type, intellectual or physical.? While the disabled may face some limitations, thanks to the major advances in technology, those limitations can now be kept to a minimum. One major downside of advanced technology can sometimes be the cost of the needed upgrades. There are a variety of ways one can work through the state and other organizations to secure needed funding.

Enabling New Jersey Enabling New Jersey

At Home

Everyone in New Jersey wants to feel comfortable and confident as they roam their own piece of this planet. With the help of a variety of assistive technologies, persons with all forms of disability can feel as comfortable and confident as their able-bodied counterparts. Modifications can be made to every part of the home according to the needs of the individual.? Some modifications are do it yourself projects while others will require the services of a professional, and sometimes costly, contractor.? Funding to complete the modifications can be obtained from a variety of private and public resources. One such program in New Jersey is designed to assist families with children with catastrophic illnesses. ?

Nearly every room in a home can be modified in one fashion or another whether it is by simply widening a doorway or adding a ramp to the home.? The Assistive Technology Advocacy Center can provide more information on these and other home modifications and the process needed to complete each.

At School

Students aged 3-21 may have access to a variety of assistive technologies and services such as talking calculators and alternative keyboards through the New Jersey Department of Education Office of Special Education. Every disabled student will be afforded what they need as specified in their Individual Education Plan or IEP. As the student progresses through school their needs may change and those changes will be reflected in the IEP set forth for the coming school year, or current should something happen in the middle of the year.

At Work

Leaving school and becoming members of the workforce can seem daunting to anyone. However, with a few adaptations most career fields are open to all who choose to enter them. Items as simple as a pencil grip can go a long way. The ability to telecommute can also play a crucial role in success.? The practice of telecommuting seems to have an especially tight grip in Bergen County with a variety of employers now offering the option to their employees.

On The Road

Technology on the road is very important to disabled drivers. Driving an adapted vehicle can open up the entire world to someone. Residents in New Jersey who wish to cruise the shoreline or drive over the bridge into Philadelphia may want to look at programs like Toyota Mobility for assistance in doing just that. For more information on the New Jersey program and how exactly it can help you visit a Toyota dealership.

Enabling the residents of New Jersey is becoming easier thanks to advances in technology. Whether on the road, at home or at work the right types of technologies can make a world of difference.

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