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As busy women, managing family responsibilities and work commitments, we are all aware that a well-balanced, healthy diet is the key to feeling and looking good. Rather than being restricted by rules of restriction and deprivation, the key to a healthy and balanced eating is about creating smart choices an enjoyable and effortless part of everyday life.

Whether working in an office, spending days in hospitals or schools or always on the road or even housewives, staying fit and healthy can be a really challenging task. So here’s some diet plans for women that will surely help you lose weight and maintain lean and healthy body.

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Diet plans for women that will surely help you lose weight and maintain lean and healthy body

1. DASH Diet

DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is a lifetime approach to nutritious eating that is intended to aid treat or prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. This diet plan encourages women to lessen the sodium in their diet and consume a variety of foods that are full of nutrients to assist in lowering blood pressure, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Among all the diet plans for women, DASH plan is famous for its safety, nutritional completeness, ability to control or prevent diabetes, and heart health benefits.

Aside from lowering blood pressure, DASH diet also offers other health benefits, which include protection against cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and stroke. Even though DASH diet is not a weight loss plan, like other women diet plans, women may actually lose extra pounds since it guides women toward eating healthier snacks and meals.

2. TLC Diet

A sound and healthful way to eat, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes or TLC is a diet plan that requires pure commitment and education. This solid diet plan is principally good at improving cardiovascular health.

The main focus of this plan is to decrease the amount of saturated fat that women take since saturated fat raises cholesterol level. Women can also reduce the saturated fat in their diet by restricting the quantity of milk products and meat that they eat. Consuming low-fat products and replacing the animal fat in their diet with unsaturated fat, particularly monounsaturated oils, such as canola, olive, or peanut oil, is highly recommended for women diet plans.

3. Mediterranean Diet

Originated from the Crete Greek Island where Cretans and Greeks live longer compared to any other nations in the world, this Greek diet incorporates the essentials of healthy eating, with a flavorful olive oil and maybe some red wine, among other ingredients symbolizing the traditional cooking manner of countries nearby the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean diet plan is gaining its fame as a tasty, heart-friendly substitute to low-fat eating. With its focus on the importance of vegetables and fruits, fish, and olive oil, the Mediterranean diet plan is eminently practical.

4. Weight Watchers

An effective and smart diet program, Weight Watchers promotes weight-loss through proper exercise, practicing healthy eating habits, and a supportive environment. The program does not restrict any type of food. It encourages women to make keener choices by following a daily value that helps retain calories in check.

5. Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarianism or Flexitarian Diet is the new word for a healthy dieting that reduces meat without depriving yourself from eating meat. This is a complete eating plan, which does not take away diets but rather includes new foods to your existing diet. Flexitarianism gradually leads you to eat more vegetables while still enjoying your preferred meats. Flexitarians have a lower rate of diabetes, heart problems, and cancer, weigh 15% less, and live approximately three years longer than those who consume much meat.

6. Volumetrics

Developed by a veteran nutrition researcher, Dr. Barbara Rolls, Volumetrics’ basic concept is to eat a substantial volume of food while regulating the amount of calories intake and meeting dietary requirements. It is a diet plan that is designed to promote long-term weight management. Even the so-called “forbidden” or energy-dense foods like chocolate and candy may be taken, but the amount of calories should be considered.

According to Dr. Rolls, limiting or restricting your diet will not be effective in the long run. You’ll just get hungry and discontented and will certainly return to your old ways. The concept is that gentle and stable diet wins the race, if weight is lost so quickly, it will just creep back on.

7. Biggest Loser Diet

This plan is a low-calorie diet program inspired by the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser. The diet plan follows the concept of 4-3-2-1 pyramid.

  •  four of veggies and fruits
  •  three servings of lean protein
  •  two cups of whole grains
  •  one serving of sweet treat


Practice a diet based mainly on vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and enough physical activity. Surely you will lose extra weight, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and become healthier and more energized.

8. Flat Belly Diet

Unlike a lot of diet plans for women that involve dreary exercise regimens and intricate, limiting recipes, the Flat Belly Diet is fairly simple. The diet promises a 15 pounds weight loss and a flat belly in just 32 days. While reasonable exercise in suggested, it is not the main element in the diet.

The secret element in this plan that shapes belly fat is the inclusion of MUFA or monounsaturated fat at every meal you take. MUFAs are found in avocados, olives, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, flax, soybean, and sunflower and olive oils.

9. South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet, which was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, was initially developed for obese heart patients. This plan assured that cravings for sweets, sugars, and other carbohydrates will lessen as you go along with the plan because this diet is thought to keep level of blood sugar maintained.

Nowadays, where high-fat, low-carb diets are in trend, it is good to have a diet that suggests eating less foods filled with saturates and substituting some of these with heart-healthy monounsaturates. South Beach Diet is based on taking low GI foods, which are becoming popular, and encourages cutting down on carb-rich meals, which are packed with less nutrients such as sugary cereals, white bread, and sweets.

10. Vegan Diet

There are a lot of moral, environmental as well as personal reasons why someone will practice a Vegan lifestyle. Getting popularity because of its effective weight loss, this supports weight loss through the consumption of leafy greens, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and soy or rice milks. The secret to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety. While this plan eliminates fish, meat, and poultry products, vegans also exclude all animal products such as dairy and eggs.

A well-planned vegan diet can meet the nutritional needs of women of all ages. The key is to know your nutritional requirements so that you design a diet plan that meets them.

11. Ornish Diet

According to Dr. Dean Ornish, creator of Ornish diet program, a vegetarian diet combined with exercise can lessen stress and help in losing weight. The principles of the Ornish Diet are based on a big body of epidemiological study, which shows that diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol cause blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels to increase, thus increasing the possibility of heart disease. Furthermore, many research studies have confirmed that diets low in cholesterol and fat cause blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels to decrease. With this, a lot of nutritionists and doctors now suggest this popular diet plan to people who wish to lose weight and those who have heart conditions.

12. Abs Diet

The premise of this diet plan is in contrast to plans that restrict calorie and food intake. It clarifies how other kinds of women diet plans result in disappointment since the human body functions by going into hunger mode when calories are lessen. This means it stores more fats normally in the stomach area. The stomach isn’t just one of the easiest and fastest places for the human body to place fat reserves, but also a place that needs most energy to burn it.

This diet plan does involve a wide range of healthy and nutritional foods suggested by many dietitians. Nevertheless, there are fewer emphases on keeping an eye or counting on calories. Instead, the diet promotes a range of foods to be a part of meals that can be taken in satisfying amounts.

Maintaining a diet plan takes a bunch of commitment. The key to a healthy and effective diet plan is to develop a better and more nourishing connection with food.

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