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Dental implants have made a remarkable progress in the last 25 years. The frequent question is that what are dental implants? What is the historic background of dental implants? These all answers will be answered in the article and how they can change one’s life. Every dental clinic has their own version of application and research regarding implants along with its procedure. Surgery or tooth re-building is included in the practice of dental implants. Most of the time the success in dental implants is all about craftsmanship and experience in the field by practitioner. One must accept that it is a wise step by the patient to decide having dental implant in order to fix up their broken or lost teeth. There are a lot of individuals who are opting for this and enjoying the final look of their smile. No one can recognize the dental implants as they look almost the same as the real ones. In particular, this is a good option to recover a smile. Smile, a very important part of our personality as it represent the real us. A smile with teeth gone can influence your happiness and also the way you live as you might not be able to treat yourself with bag of flavors always. Dental implants just don’t promise to bring your smile back but also bring back your well-being. These dental implants are perhaps loved by dental specialists and patients as they are the only rescue for a better appearance and due to the long duration that they offer.

Defining dental implant- Who can be the patient?

Have you ever imagined that your teeth are falling with no obvious reason or getting broken? This will certainly not happen to everyone. But if it does, then dental implant is the only choice. This is a technique where an oral specialist or periodontics surgically puts a fake tooth that is surgically melded into the jawbone—an incredible long haul alternative for tooth replacement. Altered extensions depend on neighboring sound teeth as grapples, which can have a negative effect on them not far off. Teeth fixed up by dentures can slip or make humiliating clicking sounds when you talk. The material of dental implant is made up of titanium metal, inserted in the jawbone which serves as the foundation of the missing teeth. Dental implants are solid and may not need transformation. However, this is not the case in other dental teeth replacement. Another consideration that is usually given is about the traits of dental patients. Dental practitioner has clarified for this that anyone who wants to eliminate the discomfort of your smile is an ideal candidate for dental implant.


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Fact File- Dental Implant, what we don’t know!

1. Dental implants enjoy the highest rate of success of about 98%.

It is known that other methods of tooth replacements for example, bridges, crown or denture may not be for lifetime. They may either last for 10 years or need to be replaced after minimum of seven years. Practitioners also believes that if they last for long they might not perform their true function and create trouble in either eating or drinking or even in speech. On the other hand, dental implants tend to last for a life with a success rate of 98% allowing you with a function of your natural teeth.

2. Dental implants are not a home for cavities.

One common question that arises in the mind of patient most frequently is that can I have cavities in my implants? A definite answer is no. Due to the fact that it is made of an artificial material it won’t decay the way your natural teeth do. However, it is very important for the patients to keep their teeth implants clean as per the instructions of practitioner.

3. NASA use dental implants’ raw material.

It will give a funny wave if the patient would come to know that many of the space shuttles, rockets and even missiles are made are from the same material which is inserted in the roots of your jaw bones to fix up a new teeth.

4. Dental implants promise a stronger jawbone.

The reason dental implants strengthens the jawbones is due to the titanium used in it. It has biological fusing properties which are associated with the strong growth of jawbone teeth. They are just fixed permanently in mouth of the patient like other treatment including bridges and dentures which tends to weaken the jawbone.

5. Dental implants have no age limits.

Regardless of any age dental implants can be treated. If your mouth is healthy and your teeth are not in a growing age then you can perfectly fit the condition of getting a dental implant.

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