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3778609 Damiana Leaf herb 300x267 Damiana Leaf And Its Health BenefitsDamiana is a leaf that is known to be an aphrodisiac that dates back several hundred years. It is a floral plant, which benefits the libido of women and men. For women, it can also help with the pains and irregularities of a menstrual cycle. The leaves that grow on the Damiana plant are often used to add flavor to hard liquor. Damiana can be found in pill form, as an herbal tea or liquid extract. It is also referred to as “old woman’s broom.”

Health Benefits of the Damiana Leaf

There are numerous health benefits of the Damiana Leaf. For one thing, it works similarly to the way caffeine works, which is why it is used in tea. The energy boost the Damiana Leaf offers can also alleviate symptoms of depression, as well as anxiety and even exhaustion. It can also help provide relief to those suffering from constipation and asthma if they drink several cups of Damiana Tea per day.

Drinking tea with Damiana leaf in it leads to less side effects than if one were to take medication that contains Damiana. Individuals who drink it in tea daily can use it to control their emotions.


Damiana increases blood flow to a man’s general area during sexual activity in order to stimulate them.


Damiana is also good for enhancing a woman’s sexual experience as well. It increases blood flow to the woman’s vagina, allowing her to be more stimulated during sexual activity. An added bonus for women is that it can also treat the sex drive of both pre-menopausal and menopausal women. It works to replenish the testosterone after it has been depleted.

Other Health Benefits of Damiana Leaf

Other health benefits of Damiana are that it can help control the pain of bronchitis and can help control excessive coughing as well. It fixes any digestion issues a person may have. It is also known to lower blood sugar. In women, it can heal any infections brought on by a woman’s menstruation. It can help control diabetes if the person is careful about how they take it.

Herbalists often use the leaves from this plant to improve their body strength and tone, as well as to balance their central nervous system and their hormones.

Some of the mood disorders that can be treated using Damiana are obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurosis, paranoid disorders and hypochondria. Another benefit of Damiana is that it can be used to treat colic and dyspepsia.

With the many health benefits of Damiana Leaf, it is a very popular herb for people to use all over the world. It is also sometimes smoked or burned for incense. Damiana should be taken in limited doses only, as taking too much of it can lead to kidney problems and other health problems. Used correctly, it is a valuable herb that is just as beneficial to men as it is to women. This herb can make a person feel good, healthy and energetic by using it.

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About the Author: Victoria Heckstall is a freelance health writer who loves sharing her hidden tricks with her online friends.


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  1. Chuck Colton says:

    I used 4500 mg Damiana leaves to make a liter of tea, I drank one cup then I took another 1350mg before going to bed, the side effects where not good,I woke up in the middle of the night, flushing and nauseated, the last thing I remember was walking to the bathroom I woke up in the hallway. This is good but it should be stressed not to over use it

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