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There are many ways to stay healthy, between exercise and diet there is a spectrum of activity you can participate in to promote your body and give yourself the ‘feel good’ factor. Without doubt one of the best forms of keep fit is cycling, here’s why…


OK, the obvious reason, cycling is a form of exercise, therefore it’s good for your health and your heart. Like all exercise, cycling promotes muscle growth, weight loss, blood circulation, respiration, anti-oxidation, hydration, all the essential activity for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Pace Yourself

The great thing about cycling is you can go fast or slow as you like. If you want to push yourself and get a sweat on, put your bike into a high gear and take the pain. If that’s not your style, then drop into a low gear, loosen up and ride at a leisurely roll. There’s no right or wrong, whatever your speed, it’s all good.

Styles to Suit You

There are many different types of bike and many different types of ride. Why not give them all a try!

  • – You can stick to ‘terra firma’ with a road bike or city bike.
  • – For the more adventurous, there’s touring bikes, which are designed for ultimate comfort.
  • – If you want to get dirty or are looking for an experience with more exhilaration, there’s mountain biking.
  • – If you’re tough enough for the extreme end of things, you could try Enduro or 4x

A specialist bike centre such as Global Bike (who provided this article) will advise on all the different types of cycling and will help you decide which will suit you.

Gets You Outdoors

Cycling is largely an outdoor activity (unless you’re competing on an indoor track). Being outdoors exposes you to the elements, sunshine, wind, rain, all the wonderful things nature can throw at you! Getting fresh air circulating through your lungs is good for you.

Mental Health

Being outdoors also promotes mental health. Experiencing nature is good for your mental state, it helps clear your head and ‘blow away the cobwebs’. Cycling is found to be a therapeutic exercise because you have time to think while being alert, plus the cyclical motion of cyclist and cycle is harmonising.

It’s On Your Doorstep

If you opt for road cycling, then this is really accessible, all you have to do is step outside and you’ve arrived.

Sense of Adventure

There is a sense of adventure about cycling, the opportunity to explore and discover new places. Cyclists notice things no-one else does. Motorists need to keep their eye on the road and all their attention is focussed on not colliding with other vehicles. Cyclists are afforded the luxury of observing and appreciating their surroundings.

Have Fun

There aren’t many exercises you can describe as fun, but cycling is. Just look at the faces of the people in the pics above if you don’t believe me!

Family Activity

It’s easy to enjoy cycling as a family activity, all you need is a bike each. Or, you could be quirky and get yourself a cycle with multiple saddles. Either way, it’s a great way to bond with the kids, get all the family involved in a single activity and give the youngsters some valuable life experience. Please remember, safety first! Helmets are pretty essential these days.

Exercise for All Ages

You can start cycling as young as 2 years old and keep going well into retirement. Cycling is easy on the joints and doesn’t have to be too strenuous, so it really is a life-long exercise activity.

All Abilities

Cycling does not discriminate; anyone can take part. It is a totally accessible sport.

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