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If you are dieting and failing to see significant changes, perhaps you are doing it the wrong way. Health experts say that even when on a healthy diet and failing to burn more calories than you consume is zero work. If you are a starter, stop focusing about dieting. Instead, check to see what habits you engage in every day that could possibly be the reason behind the extra weight. Dieting can lead to increased cravings and obsession with food. Here are some diet mistakes most people make:

Eating Fast

Not unless you are in an eating competition, eating fast has no rewards or benefits. Being in a hectic schedule due to pressure from work is one of the main reasons why people eat in a hurry. Tara Gidus, MS, RD a spokesperson for American Dietetic Association says people should adopt a leisurely eating habit to taste every bite and get the signal of satisfaction before overeating. He adds that eating at a slow pace can reduce the total amount of food taken per every sitting.

Skipping Meals

Studies show that people who skip meals especially breakfast weigh more in comparison to those who take several meals in a day. People are carried away with the misconception that avoiding some meals saves calories consumed. If you eat less than three meals in a day, chances are that you will end up eating foodstuffs containing high amount of calories. Joan Litchen, PhD, RD, a nutritional consultant says that even some low-fat meals such as muffin can have as many as 400 calories and 5 gram fat. Joan recommends a healthy breakfast that is rich in fiber.

Many Liquid Calories

If you like taking sugary beverages such as soda, smoothies, coffee with cream or teas, you are steps away from losing weight. Gidus says that most beverages are meant to quench thirst and not satisfy hunger. He advises that you should switch to best diet plan or take low-calorie drinks such as water, club soda, skim milk, vegetable juices and small amounts of 100% fruit juice. If you are used to alcohol, try the lighter options containing less starch or energy.

Eating Too Much

Lichten says that people usually get used to large servings in hotels and carries with them the same habits to their homes. Weight loss experts recommend a number of tricks to reduce the amount of food taken in every sitting. These include leaving a few bites on your plate, use of plate or bowls with a small volume, and reducing intake from time to time. This should be persistently observed to make sure that you eat as per your body’s requirements.

Eating Unhealthy Side Dishes

Other than enjoying large servings, you are inclined to adding high-fat toppings such as bacon, cheese, croutons, or creamy dressings. Litchen says that even at fast-food restaurants grilled chicken and salad are not always better than a burger and what counts most is the toppings used.

Involuntary Eating Habits

Snacking in front of your TV set or when reading a magazine is a habit you should avoid. Avoid the craving to finish up your child’s leftovers.Gidus advices that instead of thinking of the food that goes to waste reflect on your waistline. Snacking or having constant mindless eating can add up to high calorie intakes at the end of the day.

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