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Brown Eye Make-up

The best way to make brown eyes pop is to use colours with blue undertones. Purples, greens, teals and silvers can all help make brown eyes stand out.

Using a subtle purple that frames the eye and makes the eye the focal point will bring out the chocolaty, golden tones of the eye.

Using strong shades can help your eyes to stand out, but often it detracts from the eye itself and makes the make-up the main focus:

A style that is favoured by many brown eyes celebrities is the classic Smokey eye. Using dark shades extends the colour from the eye and makes them the central focal point. Although it does often make brown eyes look blacker than they really are.

Blue Eye Make-up

To help those baby blues shine you can use a number of shades to make them stand out. If you are very fair with blonde or light eyelashes, stick to brown mascara and eyeliner, as blacks will be too overwhelming. You can use shades of eye shadow like taupe and fleshy tones, grey, lavender and silvers and gold’s. Minimalism is key to making blue eyes stand out, but if you want to wear more make-up try going with a bright pink lipstick to contrast with your eyes.

If you are darker you should use black eye liner and mascara, a 40’s-50’s look can really help to widen the eye and make the blue the main focal point:

Red lips will do the same job here as the pink does for the fairer blondes and will contrast with your eyes making 2 very distinct focal points. By limiting the amount of colours on the face you allow the eyes to shine for themselves.
If you want to take this look to night, use a neutral pinkish colour on the lips and go a tad heavier in the outer bottom of your eyes.

Green Make-up

Much like blue eyes, in order to make your green eyes the main focus try to use tones that fit your complexion. For darker skin gold’s and nudes can help highlight the green.

Black eye-liner and a little brown shadow is again a great friend to the pale skinned but dark haired.

Purples are also very good making your eyes look greener as they are contrasting colours:

With any colour eyes it’s important to remember that you have to find what works for you. What may suit your eyes may work badly with your skin tone or hair colour. Find a look that you enjoy wearing and be playful, just because a colour may draw away from your eyes doesn’t mean it won’t work with your look.

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About the author: Gemma Booker is a freelance copywriter and part-time beautician. She learns most her beauty tips and advice from Secret Salons US and Zanda. She claims she cannot live without a weekly blozza!


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