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Img bridal hair style for wedding1 Choosing Hair Salons For Your Wedding DayBridal parties can range in size from a single girlfriend to a whole flock of your best friends and beloved family members. As a Miami bride trying to plan all of the beauty arrangements for your big day, it’s important to find a place where you and your entire bridal party can get ready at the same time. With so much running around during the hours before your wedding, it’s important to have one hub where hair, makeup and any other last-minute touches can take place.

Some brides love having the entire hair and makeup team come to their wedding venue, but sometimes an off-site locale works best. Hair salons in Miami are plentiful, but it’s important to find a location that also offers comprehensive services. Here are some factors to consider when picking out an off-site salon to get beautified on your wedding day.

Having enough space is key

While you may love the look and décor of a salon, or be committed to a particular stylist, you must make sure that the location of your choosing has enough square footage to accommodate your group. It is likely that your party will bring several things to the salon, considering that your group will be at the location for several hours. With breakfast items, champagne, changes of clothing, extra shoes, children and more, you may be surprised with how much stuff you all will have.

Look for an open floor plan if you have a rather large party, plus enough workstations that every lady in your party can have her hair done at the same time. Bellezza Spa is an example of a great location that has several hair stylists and ample space for a large party. Find a salon that has experience catering to large groups and see if they can also close down an area for your private party.

Look for a team of hair stylists that have several years of experience

You may find that one salon specializes in color or cuts only. It’s important to find a salon with a team of stylists experienced in the full range of bridal hair salon services in Miami. You may have a distinct look for your bridal party and for yourself in mind, so find out if you can do a couple test runs with the stylists to make sure you all are on the same page. Popular salons include Todd Jameson Nue Studio and Blo Brickell, but ask around among friends and family if you need some further recommendations.

Planning far in advance is vital when preparing for the day of your wedding, and the same amount of attention should be paid when arranging for your hair and makeup. Allow for your bridal party to help with scheduling and you’ll definitely have a great experience.

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