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The rich and famous can afford the most expensive medicines and surgical procedures, and many spend fortunes on both their health and appearances. However, not all celebrities rely on conventional modern medicines and therapies. Some turn to alternative and more natural remedies for their ailments.

Demi Moore

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Demi Moore turns to a somewhat unlikely form of natural remedy to keep her body healthy – leeches. On the Late Show with David Letterman, she discussed how she had gone to Austria for a procedure to detoxify her blood, and that an enzyme that leeches release when they bite into you makes you bleed a lot, which helps to release toxins.

James Hetfield

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It appears that the Metallica front man, who you’d be forgiven to associate with the sex, drugs and rock ’n roll lifestyle, has grown older and wise. These days, James Hetfield says that he practices reflexology, enjoys occasional acupuncture and even drinks a “secret vegetable concoction” that keeps him healthy.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Paltrow is pretty well accustomed to natural medicines and alternative healing practices – some less conventional than others. Arriving at a film premier in 2004 with a backless dress, she had rows of dark brown spots on her back. These were the telltale sign of an ancient Chinese process called cupping, in which a heated glass is placed on the skin, creating a vacuum. This is said to increase blood flow and open pores, allowing toxins to leave the body.

Jacques Kallis


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One of the greatest cricketers of all time and rated as the world’s #1 international test batsman, Jacque Kallis is a South African cricketing hero. With his rigid regime of training and playing in various international competitions and leagues, Kallis has to keep his body fighting fit. One of the ways he opts to do this is with the help of capsules containing an extract of the South African Buchu herb, reputed to protect the health of the joints and keep the body inflammation free.

Suzanne Somers


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The actress and singer-turned-businesswoman Suzanne Somers battled pancreatic cancer in early 2006. After several bouts of chemotherapy, she opted instead for a treatment containing mistletoe extract. She subsequently wrote a book promoting the use of more unconventional medicinal treatments. She has since recovered and is living a happy and healthy life. She works as an online talk show host on the web site

Sheryl Crow

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The pop songstress and mom of two recently battled, and beat, breast cancer. She attributes her recovery to radiation and chemotherapy, supplemented with a regimen of acupuncture and meditation. She holds that “healthy mind, healthy body” is more than just an adage, stating that the more serene a person is, the better the functioning of their cellular make-up.

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