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About 43% of Americans enter a nursing home during their later years, usually staying at least two years, and sometimes much longer. This is an expensive proposition, with average costs of $100,000 for a year in a nursing home. It is also an environment that many people find depressing. They would rather be in their home, with the people they love and all the comforts of home, rather than in a bed in a nursing home. For some people, getting home care services means they can stay in their own home, and retain their independence.

home care for seniors Care home services at home   is it okay with your finances to get them?

Is home care right for you?

There are a number of factors that affect this decision because it’s only natural for seniors to want to live alone in their homes for as long as possible. After a certain age, that can’t happen anymore. Is asking for home care a good idea? What would you prefer – have home care or live in a nursing home? Generally, the decision to leave a residence comes after an older individual can’t manage on his own. However, all these home care services come at a rather high price. Here are some questions to consider.

  • How accessible is your home? Do you have many stairs? Is there a steep hill? How easy would it be for you to get around with limited mobility?
  • What services are available? Will you be easily able to get to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and other places you need to go, or are these located quite a distance away? What about community services?
  • Who can help you? Do you have family in the area, or close friends who could help you? There will be times when you need assistance, so you will need some nearby support from family or friends.
  • How serious are your medical needs? Some situations require more knowledgeable treatment than others. Will you, your spouse, or other caregiver be able to handle your needs, or would it be better to have trained staff available?
  • Financial considerations. Staying in a nursing home can be quite expensive, and it is usually advantageous to stay in your home as long as possible, from a financial standpoint. It is wise to take a look at your budget.

What kind of home care services is available?

As your situation changes over time, you may need different types of services to help you stay in your home. Here are a few possibilities to consider.

Personal care – this includes assistance with all the aspects of daily living, such as meals, dressing, and personal hygiene. You can arrange to get personal care just a few hours per day, or have someone who lives in your home full time. Care is provided by home care aides, home health aides, or personal care aides.

Health care – Sometimes trained health care professionals can visit your home to provide services there. This could include physical therapists, occupational therapists, home health nurses, or social workers. Hospice care can also be provided at home. Depending on your needs, some of the costs may be covered by Medicare in the US.

Home maintenance – Keeping up with a house and a yard can get more difficult over time. You may find that you want to hire someone to take care of duties such as house cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping, laundry, or other chores around the house. It is also possible to get someone to help you manage your bills and finances.

Accessibility modifications – If you are at a point where your mobility is decreasing, then making some changes around your house can be a big help. Someone can help you add ramps or grab bars, raise beds or lower counters, or even install a new bathroom that you could reach without stairs.

Seniors are highly encouraged to turn to care services at home. Their mobility levels will decrease after a certain age, and if they want to preserve their independence, asking for help is the only way they can achieve that. Having someone care for you and help you with daily activities can be frustrating at times. Think about your wellbeing, and if home care is what you need, then start planning your finances to get it.

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