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Thinking about weight gain can make us think about the most common causes; those delicious, yet sugary or high fat foods that we love to eat in our weakest moments. But believe it or not, these foods aren’t the only major threat to our ability to keep the pounds off. There are actually several different foods and situations that we may not have even thought of that can cause our metabolisms to slow down and excess weight to build.

dieting Can These Surprising "Healthy" Foods Make You Gain More Weight Than You Lose?

The Foods

What could go wrong with granola? Why should we be miffed about bran muffins? The answers may just surprise you. If you tend to buy foods without looking at the labels, this may be enough for you to sabotage all of your weight loss efforts. This is because, although many foods may make us think they are healthy by their name, they may actually contain much more sugar and fat than we are aware.

Juice is something that most of us have been drinking since childhood. But today’s juices, especially those available from concentrate, can often contain more sugar than one can of soda. It’s critical that any juice be checked to see that it contains fruit, versus fruit concentrate, as the latter is the sweet culprit.

Got granola? Maybe not, once you know what could be in it. Although delicious, granola’s flavor most often comes from the sugar and oil that’s added to it in processing. Again, the best approach here is to check the label to see just how much sugar and fat granola contains. A good alternative may be to make your own granola so that you can control the ingredients.

The wrap is the health nut’s answer to processed white bread. Or is it? Granted, a wrap may feel lighter once it hits the stomach, which can make us feel healthier. But size and ingredients matter here. Many restaurants do offer wraps nowadays, but it’s the size of the wrap that can be concerning. No matter how low fat a wrap may be, double or triple the size, and you could have excess weight trouble. When wrapping at home, choosing a product with the least number of ingredients and highest fiber levels may be your best bet.

That bran muffin you may have enjoyed this morning may have been guilt-free. Or did you just think it was? Sure, bran muffins contain oats which are great for lowering cholesterol and providing protein, and they often contain dried fruit. But there is also the sugar content to consider, as well as the oils and butter that most muffins contain.

The Situations

Who would have ever thought that allergies or an inability to wake up without caffeine in the morning could contribute to unwanted weight gain? Unfortunately, it does.

Stress is the number one cause of several medical conditions, including obesity. And there is no way that we can be rid of stress entirely in our lives. Stress can cause some of us to eat much more than we should. Plus, it raises our blood pressure. Prolonged stress can cause a host of other conditions to develop as well. Not to mention that stress releases a hormone in our bodies which encourages the body to store fat. The only way to combat it is to change how we deal with stressful situations in our lives. Experts recommend meditation and exercise as two of the top solutions.

Our relationships can also affect how our bodies store fat. When we are comfortable with who we are with, we tend to be less active, preferring romantic nights in. But the solution may actually lie in doing something active together, such as jogging or baseball.

Making a List

Yet another thing that can cause weight gain? Having too much to do. This may seem ironic, as being busy may conjure up a lot of movement, which means exercise. But leading a hectic lifestyle can also mean that you are stressed out by all of the things you have to do, which means more of that fat-creating hormone – cortisol – is released. Cortisol is the culprit where belly fat is concerned. And those who lead busy lives may also not have much time to eat healthy meals, which can mean more fast food.

The solution to this may be in brown-bagging it, whether it’s an entire lunch, or just snacks. And it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes out to de-stress, whether that means taking a quiet walk or just closing your eyes for a few minutes

About Author : Guest author Ruth Suelemente writes on a variety of topics related to healthy lifestyles. She is passionate about helping people determine the best diet plans for their particular preferences and lifestyle.
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