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Humans have evolved from simple primates that earned how to walk on two legs up to people who build civilizations, harness the power of nature and create technologies that have conquered the world. Man was able to do it because of the human brain. The human brain has taught early man to make tools, developed agriculture and tame the land and seas. For thousand of years the brain has evolved into one complex organ. Experts have stated that experiences, food and nutrition has made the brain to what it is today. Scientists concluded that when man learned to hunt and grow their own food, the nutrients have helped the brain to process more information. Proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and essential fats helped the brain to grow larger. The ability to learn, create things and true power of intelligence made humans to be at the top.

This does not mean that we have to be donkeys because of our brain. Not everyone has the same intelligence, learning capacity and memory. But there is no such thing as bad memory, or a very low intelligence or learning ability. There are ways of improving brain power and memory as long as you are not suffering from any mental disorders of issues like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Intelligence and the ability to learn will always be there but memory is always at risk of being lost due to age or disease.

Let’s discuss the different ways of improving and retaining memory:

1. Drink in moderation. Alcohol is not bad at all if it is taken in moderation. A glass of wine a day can keep your brain and heart sharp. The anti-oxidants in grapes and alcohol enhances the blood circulation that helps oxygen to circulate properly all over the body. The brain needs adequate oxygen supply to function normally. A study was also made for 4,000 subjects over the age of 65 stated that light drinkers, people who consumed one to 2 glasses of wine every day were 45% less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease as compared to non-drinkers.

2. Get enough sleep. Your ability to remember things increases when your brain and body is getting enough rest and nutrition. If you notice, people lacking in sleep are in usually in a zombie like state, they cannot concentrate, reflexes are slow, their mind is usually wandering and are also prone to accidents. There are also reports of individuals who just died because they were not able to sleep. Sleep is critical to memory and learning. Research has shown that sleep in essential to memory consolidation. Key-enhancing brain action occurs during the deepest stages of sleep or REM.

3. Exercise. Any physical activity is beneficial to the body and brain. Exercise can enhance the brain’s ability to process and recall information. Exercise also increases the body’s oxygen intake and helps in lowering the risks of memory loss, hypertension, diabetes and other cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.

4. Eat memory-enhancing foods. You need to enhance your diet by adding foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and other nutrients and minerals. The essential fatty acids omega-3 helps in minimizing the effects and symptoms of Alzheimer’s diseases other mental disorders like depression and schizophrenia. Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential in developing fetuses and growing children because it enhances their learning capability, intelligence and memory. Salamon, avocados, lean meat, eggs, mackerel, olives, berries, nuts, green leafy vegetables and squid are some of the food sources rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Limit your intake of junk foods and anything rich in saturated fat. Your body and brain will thank you for it.

5. Give your brain a workout. By the time you’ve reached adulthood, millions of neural pathways have already been developed by the brain that helps you solve problem, process information and do familiar tasks with just minimum brain effort. This is good but you need to give your brain the need stimulation it needs to keep it growing and learning. Doing something new or taking up challenges that makes your brain think and work will be beneficial to your brain health and memory. Memory is just like your muscles, you need to use it or lose it. Read books, solve puzzles, do sports or anything that will make your brain and body work are good brain and body workouts.

These are just some of the tips you can follow to enhance your memory and intelligence. Start now and be brainier than before.

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