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Boulder, CO climate makes visitors into residents by providing both mental and physical benefits. Residents of Boulder are outdoorsy for good reason the weather year-round is incredible. It is no wonder year after year, Boulder is named the healthiest and happiest city in the United States.

Top Pick City for Well Being

In a 2009 Gallup survey, Boulder was the top pick based on general well-being out of 162 medium to large cities across the country. It also was voted in the top ten for physical health, adherence to healthy behaviors and accessibility of the needs for a healthy lifestyle. Additional honors include being named the thinnest city by Self? magazine and fittest city by Outside? magazine.

One of the reasons new homebuyers flock to Boulder is the amazing weather. Being active is very important to physical and mental health and Boulder provides the opportunity. The good weather makes it easy for residents to explore the many trails and mountains found in the area. Popular summer activities include biking, hiking, and climbing. Winter activities are all about the snow as residents enjoy the slopes right outside of their doors. Popular wintertime sports include skiing, snowboarding, sledding and ice-skating.

Boulder Weather

How good is the weather? Boulder boasts 300 days of sunshine annually. On most days, the weather is sunny and dry with mild temperatures. In the spring, an occasional afternoon thunderstorm may appear, but the rainy weather doesn’t last long. Snow is infrequent and when snowfall does occur, it quickly melts because of the mild winter temperatures. During the daytime, winter temperatures can average in the 50s with even temperatures reaching as high as the 60s. Nighttime temperatures tend to be cool, but the city does not suffer from the bitter cold of its northern neighbors.

The amount of sunshine annually can be attributed to the elevated emotional health of Boulder residents. Sun exposure releases the chemical serotonin, found inside the brain. A surge in serotonin improves mood and promotes wakefulness.

The Boulder Community

The Boulder community is active in helping keep the environment clean to maintain human health. A Climate Action Fund has been set up to reduce greenhouse emissions. The fund takes steps to promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduce emissions from motor vehicles. Boulder has a comprehensive public transportation system which aids in reducing emissions. Residents have access to buses and can also take advantage of the many bike trails sprinkled throughout the area.

Air pollutants reduce air quality and can lead to respiratory problems. Respiratory infections can run rampant due to the effects of poor air quality. Issues may include more flu viruses and colds in conjunction with an increase in asthmatic diagnoses. Through the efforts of the fund, residents are breathing cleaner air.

Moving to a new area can be daunting, but relocating to Boulder is not only a smart decision, but a healthy one. With beautiful year-round weather, newcomers will improve cardiovascular health by living active lifestyles. Whichever excercise or activity you choose to stay fit, Boulder, Colorado is a great place to visit or relocate to.

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