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Moms and dads are busy.  Sometimes, life gets too hectic to go to the gym.  Family memberships to the local fitness center are expensive.  And most kids don’t want to hear about the importance of exercise.

So how do parents and kids get the physical activity they need?  By exercising together!

Here are four ways to get your body moving, spend time together as a family and shed unwanted pounds.

1. Play Classic Outdoor Games

We all have an extensive repertoire of outdoor, recess-type games.  You know, the old school entertainment options before the invention of video games.

Take your family outside and play a game or two.  Remember the classics like Tag; Red Rover; Duck, Duck, Goose; Kick the Can; and Capture the Flag?

Your youngsters will simply think they are having fun; you will know otherwise.  These types of games are actually considered high intensity interval training work outs.  Skip the hefty bill for a personal trainer; take your kids outside instead!

If you need one more incentive, think of all the quality family bonding time you’ll have.

2. Work Together

There are lots of great exercises you can do with your kids.  Partner up and give these a try.

  • Hand-Slap Pushups – Get in the ready position.  Align yourselves so you are face to face.  At the same time, preform a push up.  When you get back to the starting position, give each other a high five.  Repeat again and again, alternating hands.
  • Wheelbarrow Races – Get Dad and Brother involved too.  Take turns pushing each other in the wheelbarrow position.
  • Jump Rope – Whether you use a single rope or go double-dutch, this childhood favorite could go on for hours and hours.  Think of all the calories you’ll burn!

By engaging your children in these partner exercises, you’ll be teaching them to work as a team, feel empowered, and enhance their leadership skills.

3. Dance

Dancing is one of the best whole-body exercises.  You’ll use both your lower and upper body, while exercising muscles you never knew you had.

As an added bonus, a living room dance party doesn’t involve expensive gym memberships, fancy workout gear, or self-confidence issues about preforming in front of others!

Put in your favorite mixed CD, call the kids in to join you, and let the fun begin.  Add some jumping, running, squatting, and leg kicking for the ultimate exercise experience.

4. Plan a Family Field Trip

Your family workouts don’t need to be restricted to your house.  Take the excitement on the road.  Plan a day trip the entire family will enjoy.  By scheduling an activity day, your youngsters won’t even know they are getting a workout.

Take the family to the bowling alley.  Spend the day at the water park.  Take a ride on the local bike trail.  Check out the new trampoline park.

Burning calories is definitely a perk of any workout plan.  But orchestrate some of these family-friendly activities and you’ll get lots of quality bonding time too.  Take these opportunities to talk to your kids about healthy eating, exercise and maintaining overall health.  That is, if you can catch your breath between shouts of, “You’re it!”

About the author: Kevin Smith is a health and fitness writer.  He regularly contributes to a blog about healthy exercises, providing exercise information, diet tips, healthy eating suggestions, and workout recommendations.


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