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What Is Arthritis?

6671096 Arthritis Symptoms 300x162 Arthritis How It Effects and DebilitatesArthritis is caused when the joints inflame. There is not just one type of Arthritis they are over one hundred types of the disease. This figure is rising year on year it currently affects more than 30 million people in the USA alone this figure continues to rise. The most common forms of arthritis are Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis and Gout. TheRheumatoid form occurs due to an over active immune system. Gout is the oldest form it comes from the body making too much uric acid. This acid finds its way into the sufferer’s joints and crystallises there. This causes different levels of joint pain this pain is referred to as “Arthralgia”. It doesn’t stop there arthritis can not only effect the joints it has been known to also spread to the liver as well as the lungs, kidneys and even the heart.

One of the biggest misconceptions of arthritis is that it is a problem in elderly people. This is completely untrue. Osteoarthritis is highly present in female seniors. Most sufferers on average are forty seven years old. Cases of arthritis are mostly reported between the ages of twenty to fifty years old. Children have also been diagnosed with arthritis.

Second to heart disease arthritis tops the list as a very serious disorder. The problem with it is it can grow worse over time. The disabling affects can cause a loss of mobility, anxiety and depression. The condition can cause lots of stress to family members and can become extremely costly. It is incurable but its symptoms can be alleviated by pain medication and lifestyle changes.

The disease can be seen clearly by the swelling around joints. Sufferers as well as having joint pain also suffer from tiredness, weight loss, poor sleep and tenderness of joints to touch. It is the most common cause of disability.

A little known strange form of arthritis is infectious arthritis this is a very severe form and must be treated early. It can cause permanent damage to the joints.

Coping With the Disease

Any disease that has no cure can be very daunting. The most common steps to coping involve the following:-

  • Dieting to get to your correct weight to avoid unnecessary strain on your joints
  • Eating more health nutrient rich food
  • Managing emotional stress
  • Life style changes to help in mobility
  • Taking part in hot and cold therapies to manage pain and reduce swelling
  • Stretching to try to keep the joints supple
  • Taking medication
  • Having surgery to alleviate serious case effects




People who suffer from the disease report stiffness to their joints in particular in the mornings. It can also be if you experience pain after exercise.

If you think you may have arthritis the first thing to do is speak with your GP. If they think you may have it they will probably refer you to a radiology clinic and take blood tests to determine a diagnosis.

Some Common Types


Is the most popular form it starts in the load bearing joints. The pain starts with activity but as it progresses pain can be felt when resting. This form is most common in elderly people.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This forms from the body’s immune system damaging the body’s tissues. This occurs in the joint lining causing pain and aching. This form occurs in people aged eighteen and up.


This is a disorder to vascular collagen and is present in severe forms of arthritis


This is caused by uric acid crystals in the joint. Gout usually occurs in just one joint and then can spread.

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