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Promising hair treatments to stop hair loss and regrow hair focus primarily on DHT Blocker. Testosterone reacts with enzyme-5 alpha redactase to form DHT, which attaches to hair follicles and chokes off nutrients. These reactions interrupt and arrest the normal cycle of hair growth, so DHT blockers help to restore lost hair and protect against further thinning by preventing DHT from attaching to follicle roots.

natural dht blockers 216x300 Are DHT Blockers Right For Me?I have a long history of paying attention to hair. I wrote for fashion magazines, explored hair styles and trends in articles, and worked to promote a famous salon in Manhattan that specialized in the care and treatment of extremely long hair for women. During this time, I learned much about dht blockers, hair health, and developed a fondness for getting my hair styled at this Madison Avenue salon while surrounded by beautiful women and celebrities. My own hair became an important criterion for gauging self-image.

Each person must determine how hair loss affects him or her. For some people, natural aging and pattern baldness hold few terrors, but others equate healthy hair with business image, self-confidence, vitality and appearance. DHT blockers offer genuine hope for reversing hair loss, regrowing hair, and maintaining a youthful appearance.

DHT Blocker : Understanding Your Hair Loss

DHT blockers interact with testosterone to stop DHT from forming and attaching to hair follicles. Once you have reversed the process, normal patterns of growth reestablish themselves. DHT blockers are the only FDA-approved method for regrowing hair, so understanding the basic chemistry helps you make better decisions about your hair loss.

Not all hair loss is caused by DHT, but the hormone causes 95 percent of hair loss. Both men and women can suffer from premature hair loss, thinning hair, greater hair breakage, and dramatic changes in their appearance due to increased DHT productions as they grow older.

You don’t need to rely exclusively on supplements and treatments to regrow hair and stop premature hair loss. Healthy diets and natural foods help to reduce DHT levels. These natural DHT blockers include:

  1. Pumpkin seeds
  2. Pygeum extract
  3. Emu oil
  4. Foods rich in zinc
  5. Grape seed extract
  6. Green tea
  7. Eleuthero roots
  8. Beta sitosterols
  9. Soy isoflavones

Possible Side Effects of DHT Blocker

DHT blocker therapies could cause some interesting side effects, one of which might actually prove beneficial. Any interference in the body’s chemical interactions carries the risk of generating physical changes. DHT blockers interact with testosterone, a critical hormone that could affect sexuality, physical appearance and metabolic processes. One positive side effect of reduced testosterone levels could lower your risks for developing prostate cancer.

Other side effects could prove troubling. Some people experience allergic reactions to key ingredients in DHT blocker products. Pregnant or lactating women could experience serious problems from using these medications, so expectant or recent mothers should consult physicians before taking any type of supplements or beginning hair regrowth regimens.

    • DHT blockers take three or four months before you begin to notice significant results.
    • Some blockers don’t work for everyone, and chemical composition of regrowth products also influences hair health and therapy results.
    • Men who use DHT blockers might experience breast enlargement or tenderness and sensitivity in the breast area.
    • DHT blockers could produce false positives on lab tests that screen for prostate cancer.
    • Using DHT blocking therapy makes you unsuitable for donating blood.

Seeking to restore and regrow hair is a personal decision, and the costs, risks and side effects might make it more convenient to explore other hair replacement options or make changes in your personal appearance or sartorial style. However, if hair style, personal pride and the look of a full head of hair play important roles in your self-image, confidence and identity, then DHT blocker offer genuine hope for arresting hair loss and regrowing hair.

About the Author: D. Edward Littlejohns is an author for VHNutrition and he develops supplements for creative and innovative industries.


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  1. Tim says:

    Are DHT blockers safe for teenagers?

  2. Isambard says:

    An interesting side effect of dht blockers is that males may experience breast tenderness and growth (i.e. moobs).

    I can attest to this. But having been teetering on the edge of reduced testosterone anyway, and with breast growth already a reality (to which I became resigned and, after a few years, quite optimistic about that change in my body, it is not a problem unless you believe that it is.

    And, far from being accompanied by loss of libido, I and my wife have both found it a new way to experience intimacy and, once any sense of embarrassment or apprehension has passed, an exciting new phase in my life as a person.

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