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Staying healthy is important, not only to you, but also to your best friend—your dog. Your dog can be a great asset when it comes to staying healthy. They can be a partner when you go out for a walk or run, and they can get you off the couch by forcing you to play with them.

Aside from the general exercise go-tos, technology can also be an asset to keep you and your dog healthy. The following are four of the best apps to help make you and your dog fit.

1. Dog Park Finder Plus

A great way to keep you and your dog fit is to get out there and exercise. Dog parks are a great place for you and your dog to get fit because it allows your dog to run around without a leash and interact with other dogs. Plus, you can also run around with your dog and play a game of fetch, which helps to keep you active. The Dog Park Finder Plus app is a great way to locate all the dog parks in your area (whether near home, work or even on vacation) so that you and your dog can enjoy some play time together.

2. Map My Dog Walk

Taking a walk with your dog to keep you both healthy? Then you’ll want to download the Map My Dog Walk app. With this app, you can keep track of all the walks you and your dog take to see how far you’ve traveled, how many calories you’ve burned, what speed you’re traveling at, and a way to record your favorite walks so that you can take them again and again. Plus, this app uses GPS tracking technology, so your walks are logged automatically without you having to enter in any information. You can also send tweets directly from the app to share your walks with your followers.

3. Petoxins

Along with getting plenty of exercise, you’ll want to be sure that your pet also eats healthy. But just because something is healthy for you doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your dog. This is where the Petoxins app will come in hand. Petoxins provides you with a list of poisonous plants that are extremely harmful to your pet. So before you go giving your pet a piece of that herb or plant you’re about to devour, make sure to check and see if it could be harmful.

4. iKibble Free

iKibble Free works similarly to Petoxins but takes it a step further. Instead of focusing solely on plants, iKibble Free provides you with a database of all foods and how they can affect your dog. Everything from meat to grains can be found in this app to help you determine if your “people food” is healthy for your dog. This can help you keep your pet eating right and ensure that you’re never giving something that could cause them illness or harm. Plus, you can also mark your favorites so that you can locate the information with ease.


Jack Dunn is a blogger and veterinary student who often writes about improving technology and its role in the world of pets.

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