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Img laser hair removal American Laser Hair Removal Market Explodes In 2012Statistics released this month by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have revealed that the US laser hair removal industry grew significantly in 2012, much against the expectations of the industry, and many other markets worldwide. The treatment was the third most popular non surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States last year with nearly nine hundred thousand American citizens opting to use the hi-tech method as a way of permanently removing unsightly hairs.

In total, 2012 saw well over one million laser hair removal procedures performed throughout the United States.

The popularity of the treatment contributed significantly to the ever-growing financial success of the non surgical cosmetic procedure industry. The sector raked in a massive $483 million dollars last year, breaking all previous records. Analysts predict that 2013 will see continued growth within the sector, as people become more and more concerned with their appearances.
Since 1997, sales of non surgical procedures have grown by a colossal 250%, making it one of the most successful domestic industries within the United States. The cosmetic beauty sector is vibrant, dynamic and expanding rapidly, with new treatments being pioneered and trialed each month. Many treatments are also benefiting from growing media interest in the science that produces new procedures, and in turn this is boosting the overall market exposure. The explosion in the popularity of these procedures is also demonstrative of the increasing public confidence in the treatments available.
Aside from laser hair removal, Americans also spent their money on a huge number of other beauty treatments and procedures in 2012. The most popular non surgical cosmetic procedure was botulinum toxin injections – also known as Botox. An astonishing 3,257,913 American citizens took the botox needle in 2012, with many undergoing the procedure on more than one occasion.

After Botox, Hyaluronic Acid treatment was the next most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. The treatment, which is used to treat scars and dry skin conditions, was used by 1,423,705 Americans in 2012. Although this natural acid has a wide range of uses, from inducing tissue to heal after surgery to reducing inflammation, it’s not without it’s dangers. There are some studies that show it could be linked to the progression of malignant tumours, but it’s continued approval by the FDA is a confident marker that it’s safe for cosmetic applications.
With all of these new cosmetic procedures and the increasing social acceptability of them, the continued expansion of this market is not far from a sure thing.

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Written by Jan. Jan is a cosmetic assistant working for Urbana, helping give potential patients advice on new and innovate treatments. She loves her job and researching these new treatments


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