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The summer is coming ladies, and there is no point in denying it- we all want to look our best, no matter the age, and I believe this should be celebrated. Most women are actually very self-conscious, and it is only sweat and hard-work that makes us feel better about ourselves. It is only natural to strive to feel and look our best, but sometimes joining a five day a week class may not be as budget-friendly as we would like it to be. And we ladies seldom prefer joining a gym and lifting weights all day to Yoga or Pilates classes, which seem to better suit our needs. So how is it that we can get the bodies that we want and still save a few pennies for rainy days?

Yoga or Pilates Studios

Even if they are viewed as the activities of the stars, this does not automatically mean that you also need to have the budget of a celebrity to practice them. The key is diligent research. Yes, you heard me! There are more studios than you think which offer discounts if you bring friends over, if you form a small group or if you buy several classes in advance (sometimes even half off). You can also check gyms out, many of them have either Yoga or Pilates classes included in their membership and it is usually affordable. Another clever thing is mixing up classes. If you feel you need a private class at first, even its cost out with several weeks of group classes (mat classes are usually cheaper than equipment classes) and put what you’ve learned to the test.

Equipment and clothing

Although there is no specific clothing required either for Pilates or Yoga, the main idea is that you are as comfortable as possible or that you don’t get disturbed by the length of width of your clothes. There are many online sites that offer good deals on clothes, mats and other equipment, all at reasonable prices. Some may be even more expensive than you think, mostly because it is very well made, meant to last forever and be used intensely. Reformers, chairs, tower set-ups may cost you up to $3,000. And since this is nowhere near many Pilates or Yoga practitioner’s budgets, you will need to search the Internet for alternatives. There are reformers that go as low as $900 but you need to be patient. You can also try substituting conventional equipment with rubber bands. And be creative! The resistance of the bands will provide you with a workout at a fraction of the costs.

Training at home

When the gym or conventional classes are not an option, there are many videos to be found on the internet that demonstrate proper technique as well as rounded, complete routines. You can also find many DVD’s or books at local libraries or stream routines for free. Even if you don’t have the trainer’s eye to guide you and correct you where you might not discover mistakes by yourself, training in the mirror can often prove very effective as you can compare yourself with the correct poses in the videos you have available. There are many benefits of doing your exercise at home; first and foremost, being alone, you are not concerned with looking ridiculous since nobody is watching. You can also take your time in learning the correct poses and repeating them as often as you need until you get it right, since the class is not moving forward and you don’t need to keep up. With yoga it is important to always feel comfortable and to remember the breathing. Be sure to read some about breathing before you start your routines so you can be sure to implement it correctly.

Other than that, you are well on your way to getting the figure that you want the way that you want it and still don’t need to compromise on your savings. I call that a win-win situation. So get hyped up and just trust your inner instincts, it may just be that this was just what you needed to unwind.

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Roxana is an Occupational Health Psychologist and a sports lover. She occasionally blogs on, a blog that focuses on fitness, exercise and workout products for women.

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