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A sedentary life has always been associated with laziness and lack of interest to engage in physical activities. Other factors also include managing work schedules and time for exercises and availability of space. Sometimes, even the person’s weight, are considered obstacles in the pursuit of a regular fitness regimen.

In this digital age, access to cyberspace distracts people from getting more involved with physical activities. With everything available online, the tasks that allow movements are substituted with online or digital solutions. Lethargic lifestyles are then reinforced in the office and at home.

Consider the following cases:

Inter-office messaging through the Intranet. Through internet connection, allows personnel from different departments send messages, inquiries and pass on information like an electronic mail/message. This process provides convenience but it lessens chances to break from prolonged sitting, stretching and walking a bit.

Online games and virtual sports. Games and sports involve bodily and physical movements, and results in sweating. However internet-based games and those played with play stations make allow people to sit for hours and play. Only their eyesight, reflexes, wrists and fingers undergo physical exertion. Also, sports such as lawn tennis, golf and rowing are now done virtually. Through these, only selected parts of the body move and the players do not sweat and strain their muscles.

Online financial transactions/merchandising and purchase of basic needs. Going to the bank, paying bills, buying medicines and groceries from the drugstores and supermarket are regular errands usually done through the internet nowadays. With the introduction of ecommerce – online merchandising and purchasing, and facilitated by credit cards, almost all financial transactions accomplished simply by tapping the keys of the computer.

With the efficient results provided by the internet and credit card, people are brought closer to a lot of food choices. With the convenience of NOT walking, commuting or driving a car to buy food, more food items can now be chosen and purchased online. Through very enticing advertisements, the preference and craving of people for food that may or may not be healthy, is fast increasing.

A sedentary lifestyle brings in a lot of ailments: obesity; heart disorders; loss of muscle tone and faster ageing. According to some global statistics, more people are succumbing to heart illnesses and heart-related deaths. Of this trend, more males than females are afflicted and affected by coronary diseases.

Switch to an active and dynamic way of life. Perform desk work ONLY in the office with the use of computers and internet-capable cellular phones. Personal use for these equipment must also be minimized especially if they inhibit and lessen bodily movements and exertion.

Do not substitute real games and sports with virtual ones or computer games. Engage and organize people to regularly meet and engage in these sports activities.

Schedule regular trips, and walk or commute going to the banks, grocery stores and kiosks that accept payment for bills.

Finally, do not let food commercials and advertisements shape taste. Maintain a balanced diet: more green leafy vegetables, fruits and liquids daily.

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